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Keep the Rodents out and the Warmth in

When the temperature drops you’ll be thinking about getting the heating on and staying warm inside your home. However, you’re not the only one thinking of ways to stay warm.  Many pests, but rodents, in particular, will be looking at your home and realizing that it can provide safety and warmth for the winter.

In fact, most homes will provide a ready source of food and water as well, that’s everything a rodent could desire!

But, you don’t want the rodents, you just want the warmth. That’s why you need to rodent-proof your home now. You can get help from your local pest control company, click here to find out more info.

Keep Food Safe

Any open packet of food should be stored inside a container, this will stop the rodents from getting to it. But, you should also consider foods ready for the festivities, such as chocolate which is yet to be wrapped up.

Mice and rats can easily chew through a little silver foil and enjoy your chocolate Santa. Make sure all treats such as these are in their own sealed container.

Don’t forget to keep your countertops clean and free from food debris, otherwise you’re just inviting the rodents in!

Seal Your Home

Ask your local exterminator to point out the typical entry points for rodents. You’ll find that there are a number of gaps around your doors and windows, as well as some potentially at the foundation level. The gaps are smaller than you think they will be, but they’re big enough for a mouse.

Sealing these gaps up will stop rodents from getting into your home, it will also help you to keep the warmth in your home, which is important as the temperature drops.

Don’t forget to check your chimney, a rodent can climb your walls and come in the same way as Santa, make sure you cap it or grill it to stop this happening.

Brushes Under Your Doors

The brush strips that go n the bottom of your doors will help to keep cold breezes out of your home. They are also an effective block for a rodent trying to squeeze under your door.

Watch Your Wood

If you have a real fire or wood burner in your home then your log stack is going to be an ideal spot for a mouse to live in.

To avoid this elevate your woodpile to at least 18” above the ground and make sure you periodically burn all the wood in the pile, if you have a rodent you’ll find evidence of their nest, even if you don’t see them.

Get A Cat

Cats and many dogs are very good at sniffing out rodents and catching them. If you have the time and inclination for a pet then a cat needs very little maintenance or care and makes a good addition to your house.

In fact, rodents will know there is a cat present and this can be enough to keep many of them away from your home.

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