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Is It Possible To Work Remotely And Travel At The Same Time?

Yes, it is! The exact answer to the question is based on the experience of people, who managed to find the balance between remote work and travel. If you are a lucky one, who has a freedom to take the laptop and work from any country in the world, you definitely need some working tips that will help you to trade off your job and traveling. Did you take your foreign password? Fasten your seat belts – we are taking off!

Secure Wi-Fi Connection during Travel

We all have used to a speedy Wi-Fi in American cafes and their convenient one-purchase-per-hour-of-work policy. Therefore, when you travel inside the country, you can visit a café with a laptop and spend hours working on your project. Still, not every foreign public service establishment will welcome you and provide with a good Internet connection.

Therefore, you should purchase an Internet SIM card or a portable Wi-Fi router. The portable router’s price can vary from $10 to $100 and more. Still, it’s better than weak paid Wi-Fi in the hotel.

Keep Your CV with You

Jimmy Collins – a blogger and SMM manager, who works remotely and travels around the world, – says:

“In my life, I experienced so many unpredictable twists that I’m always ready to get a new project. Thus, I always keep my CV, other application documents, and the samples of my articles along in my laptop. Yeah, that would I definitely recommend… Yes.”

The thing is that you can find a tempting job offer everywhere: from Latin America to Malaysia. Keeping your CV with you will accelerate the application process if you decide to change the job. If you don’t have an outstanding CV, you should compare IT resume writing services and order the winning application paper.

Create Your Home Base

Even if you spend 25 days per months traveling, you still should have a base of bills providers, your employers, and employees, bank data at home. You should have a physical address along with an email for work. Digital nomads travel a lot but the United State Postal Service has a convenient option for them.

Firstly, you can hold your mail for up to 30 days. If you need a longer period, then you can apply for Premium Forwarding Service for temporarily forward mail to your new address. It means that a mail can be delivered anywhere in the world! Don’t forget to change your forward mail address if you move.

Home base is a good idea if you need to deal with online-only bill statements and payments or direct deposit and want clients to pay digitally.

Consider Technical Issues

Technical problems always create inconvenience. Though they are easy to solve in most cases, the solution requires time, attempts, and more money than if you prepared for them at home.

Wi-Fi router is a major technical solution that will help you to feel like a fish in the water anywhere. Don’t forget about an international outlet adapter. On Amazon, you can purchase one for an affordable price. If you use Mac product, then the Apple World Traveler Kit would become a reasonable purchase. It has plugs for North America, Europe, China, Australia, Japan.

Adjust Your Communication Platforms

Most of us need such platforms for communicating as WhatsApp, Viber, Google Hangout, Skype, iMessage and other messengers. Still, when we come to another country, we often have to deal with failures. Some of them send codes and messengers to identify the user. Others charge the fee for an international phone plan.

Before leaving the country, you should familiarize with the peculiarities of your plan and adjust your messenger to the new country.

You can purchase cheap flip phone and SIM card to call for a low price abroad, or buy Skype credits to call worldwide.

Remember about Time Difference

Fortunately, most of our smartphones change the time automatically when we move to another time zone. Still, it’s better to check it out because calling your client or employer at 4 a.m. isn’t the best idea.

If the time difference is large, you should check out the date too! When you fly to Europe from the United States, you can wake up on Saturday not realizing that it’s Friday in the USA and you have a huge to-do list for the day.

The last tip will cover the list! Yes, the list. You should plan your journey. Create the list of things to take along and things to do before and during traveling (projects, articles, reports, interviews, phone calls). Planning is a key to success for an overloaded digital nomad. Therefore, don’t neglect this step and you will enjoy the systemized and efficient work.

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