Instagram Business Profiles Can Offer Greater Marketing Potential Than Personal Instagram Profiles

If you make use of Instagram to market your products or services, you’ve probably wondered if it would be a good idea to switch from a personal Instagram account to an Instagram business account.

An Instagram business profile has its advantages and disadvantages. Many people hesitate to change their account to a business account because they fear it may lead to less engagement, which has been seen to happen to Facebook pages.

The question is whether the same will happen when you switch to an Instagram business account. Furthermore, you certainly want to know what your business stands to gain by making the change.

The Personal Account Versus the Business Account on Instagram

When Instagram announced that it was testing business profiles early in 2016, users were curious to find out how it works, how much it cost and who could get one. By March of 2017, over 8 million business had switched to Instagram and by July, the number had gone up to 15 million.

That’s a lot of businesses, and it is for good reasons that they switched to the business profile. In addition to giving their profiles a professional look and allowing them to post content as ads, the business profile enabled businesses to obtain analytics, regardless of their size. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of personal and business Instagram profiles.

Advantages of Using the Personal Instagram Profile

The absence of advanced features — graphs, charts, pop ups for promoting posts — in personal Instagram profiles makes them refreshingly simple. Admittedly, the simplest interface is not necessarily the best. However, if you’re not interested in using advanced features, a personal Instagram profile will suit your business just fine.
Moreover, with a personal Instagram profile, you’re free to post whatever you like. If your brand is centered on a personality (for example, if you’re an Instagram influencer or blogger), this is especially useful. You can post business content as well as personal content to generate real Instagram likes.

Advantages of Switching to an Instagram Business Profile

The main benefits of making the switch to a business profile are centered on the added functionality of learning more about your followers and connecting with them.
Among the features available with Instagram business profiles is Instagram Insights, which enables you to track engagement, reach and impressions using the mobile app. While considering this advantage, however, it is important to note that there are third party tools in the market that offer Instagram analytics.

The second huge advantage of Instagram business profiles is that you are allowed to include links in your Instagram stories. This feature is available to profiles that have more than 10,000 followers. Links in Instagram stories is a growing trend that can help you drive traffic to your site, sell products and expand your email list.

Finally, you can run ads using a business profile. These are highly useful for building engagement and generating sales. Overall, business profiles have a greater marketing potential than personal profiles as they offer actionable analytics and wider reach using ads.

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