Implementing AI And ML To Boost Marketing Results

Let’s hand it to AI – the technology has grown by leaps and bounds since Alan Turing floated the idea of ‘intelligent machines’ back in 1950. Since then, AI powered computers have beaten world leader board gaming experts at their games, won quiz competitions, and written screenplay! Marketers, in particular, are able to use AI to make massive sense of massive data, and use the same to deliver enhanced customer experiences. Among all the marketing aspects touched and revolutionized by AI, content marketing is right up there, even in terms of ROIs.

Automatic Content Creation

Chances are you’ve read dozens of content pieces created mostly using AI technology. Some of these are even solely written by AI based software. Fox News, Associated Press, and Yahoo – these are among the hundreds of web content giants that have been using AI capabilities to create content for simplistic purposes such as sports news reporting and stock market trends reporting.

End To End Lead Tracking And Management

Artificial intelligence powered tools have made content marketing campaigns more successful than ever before. Begin with social media listening and monitoring tools like Mention to identify potential prospects whom you can target with your top of the funnel marketing content. Follow up with potential prospects using live webinars. This will help you to increase lead generation and keep the customers loyal to your brand. Finally, use SAP CRM to manage leads obtained via various channels.

Retaining Customers By Giving Them What They Engage With

Machine learning (ML) algorithms are surprisingly adept at crunching numbers around parameters such as time spent on page, scroll speed, reader’s online journey, personalized searches, etc. to understand the reading preferences and expectations of website visitors. For a content marketer, this is the beginning of content targeting that can maximize on-screen time, engagement, CTRs, and conversions.

Personalized Landing Pages and Extended Customer Journeys – The SAP Way

Not only media companies, but also industrial pioneers are using ML to deliver personalized and highly engaging customer experiences. SAP, for instance, uses ML to establish affinities between its various published content pieces on its Digitalist Magazine. Creating tailored landing pages for prospect, and leveraging the capability to double performance results for clients (example, Toronto International Film Festival) – that’s how SAP is implementing AI for content marketing. In its many AI powered tools, SAP leverages similar machine learning algorithms to deliver end to end digital solutions across enterprise processes.

Chatbots for Personalized Customer Service and Content Marketing

Evergage’s 2017 Real-Time Personalization Survey revealed how 33% of the surveyed marketers already used AI for delivering customized content experiences. Chatbots are at the forefront of connecting more brands with similar capabilities. Sephora’s Kik bot is a good example; the bot motivates users to take a mini quiz that helps it understand their makeup preferences. It advises users, answers their queries, and helps them with insightful information on products they seem to be interested in. Customer service chat, when replaced by an AI powered chatbot, can branch into multiple high-value interactions between the brand and customers.

Custom Feeds

Machine learning algorithms are the single biggest success factors for social media platforms whose feeds are always to irresistible for you. These algorithms are able to track data cross hundreds of variables, and crunch the numbers to accurately predict which posts are likely to get favorable responses from users. More importantly, the insight then becomes a driving force for these social networks to target the most conversion-relevant advertisements at end users.

Concluding Remarks

AI algorithms have matured to the extent that they can capture data around variables that would have seemed to abstract and subjective a few years ago. Content marketing is not the same as it used to be, and it will never be the same as what it is today, thanks to AI.  

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