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How Updating Your Home Boosts Your Happiness

Having a home means having a safe place to retreat to, where you can spend your time comfortably and confidently. With the demands of daily life and a hectic working schedule, having a home that you are happy to spend time in is crucial to overall wellness. You should look forward to returning home and feel relaxed when you are there. This is why updating your home can have a hugely positive effect on your happiness and wellness.

It’s a Safe Space to Express Yourself

Not being able to express yourself and allow your individual personality to shine through can have a negative effect on your mood. Your home should be the one place where you can comfortably be yourself, and your decorations and furnishings need to reflect that. Updating your home into a better expression of your tastes and personality can be very therapeutic, and means that you will feel more relaxed in an environment that you created to suit your own means.

Practical Updates Can Make Maintenance Easier

Nobody particularly enjoys having a rigorous cleaning and maintenance schedule and an extensive list of household chores. If your home is very demanding with its cleaning requirements, this can put a dampener on any good mood. While good cleaning and maintenance are always essential for a happy home, there are ways you can use a home update to make the tasks a little easier.

Consider easy to clean fabrics, such as modern leather furniture, to make sure that any mess can be cleaned up quickly, and any regular maintenance is easily done. Wooden flooring may also be more practical and quicker to clean than thick carpet, for example.

Use Feng Shui To Boost Wellness

This Chinese technique is all about arranging your space for ultimate harmony. It involves creating a more flowing and energized environment, and embracing this within your home means it can help you feel more connected to your space, and more at peace.

How you choose to arrange items in your home can have a direct effect on how you feel. Feng Shui focuses on the ‘commanding position,’ which means arranging certain pieces of furniture – such as your bed – in the best position (such as central to the room, symmetrically facing the door rather than pushed into a corner).

A well thought out and spaced out room can have a significant positive effect on your mindset.

You Will Feel More at Ease Within a Space You Love

If you’re a very expressive and bold person, then living in a home that is white, blank, and what you might perceive to be boring will do no good for your happiness levels. Likewise, if you are a minimalist at heart who gains happiness and peace from a tidy and sparse space, then clutter and bold, bright colors may have a detrimental effect on your wellbeing.

Updating your home to reflect how you want it to be – whether that’s full of bright color and crowded with your favorite books, or utterly minimalist with empty walls – means you will feel entirely at peace with your surroundings, and therefore happier.

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