How To Up Your Transportation Game & Get Around In Style

Some of the most popular financial advice that’s been circulating in recent years came from Mark Cuban and was directed at millennials, or, really, all young people. The advice is simple: clothes and cars don’t matter, and it’s best to live cheap and save what you can, even at a young age. This is a great general rule of thumb, and yes, it absolutely makes particular sense for younger people.

But let’s say you’ve reached either an age or a level of financial security (or both) at which you want to have a little bit of fun with the luxuries in life? If that’s the case, you should still exercise strategy and caution, but you might be able to splurge here and there. And one area in which a lot of people want to spend when they have the opportunity to is transportation. There’s just something great about being able to get around in nice vehicles, whether for the comfort and class of it or even, in some cases, because you want to show off a bit.

If that sounds good to you, and if you have indeed reached that point at which you can responsibly buy yourself a few nice things, here are some easy ways to up your transportation game and start traveling the way you’ve always wanted to.

Drop Ride Sharing & Go Pro

Services like Lyft and Uber are all the rage these days, and sometimes they work just fine. But even if you’ve used them a hundred times each, there’s something uncomfortable about the uncertainty of it all. You never know whether the driver will arrive, or whether or not he or she will be friendly. You also never know what kind of car you’ll be riding in! For day-to-day transportation, these services can still make the most practical sense. But for longer trips or the occasional journey to the airport, a private car service can be a great way to up your transportation style. You’ll get a professional driver, a reliable schedule, and in some cases you can even choose what kind of luxury vehicle you’ll ride in. It’s not a bad way to get around.

Shop For Your Next Car Online

You might not know it if you haven’t bought a car in a while, but these days you can shop for a new vehicle online, sift through countless options, and even have your selection delivered to your door. It’s a pretty wild example of the convenience of online shopping, and it may also be the best way to ensure that your next car is one you’re proud of, rather than just one that gets you from A to B. There are simply more cars to choose from online, so whether you’re looking at new or used vehicles, or even if you want the chance to customize a car to some degree, you’ll have options in front of you.

Take To The Water In Your Own Vessel

If you happen to spend a lot of time out on the water, particularly during the warm summer months, you might be used to renting a boat, or driving around in one that’s been battling cobwebs in your garage for years’ worth of off seasons. These options are fine practically speaking, but if you’ve reached that point where you want to upgrade your style a little bit with regard to transportation, it might be time to look into buying. As with cars, it’s actually become easy these days to buy boats online. You can search by make, condition, price, year, and even size, and find the perfect boat near your area. This is not a cheap purchase, but you’re virtually guaranteed to be grinning from ear to ear next time you’re out on the water.

Fly First Class

We’ll close with a simpler tip, which is to go ahead and splurge for first class, at least every now and then on a longer flight. Doing it every time you’re in the air is probably unnecessary unless you simply have the money to spend. But doing it occasionally is a nice luxury that can make you feel classy and relaxed as you travel. Many of us grow up and move into young adulthood thinking of first class as a pricey luxury that isn’t worth exploring. But if this is your mindset, take a look at the prices next time you’re booking flights; they’re not always that bad, and the upgrade in style and comfort can be worth it under the right circumstances.

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