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How To Pick The Perfect Paint Color For Your Apartment

The paint color in your walls can either make or break the appeal of your new luxury apartment home. How do you know if the color is too bright or too dull? Deciding the paint color for each room in your home can be a very stressful decision. With the right paint color, you can make each room appear comfortable. Here are the best ways to pick an interior color scheme for your home:

1) Find an Inspiration

The most obvious way to find the perfect paint color for your home is by looking through magazines and Pinterest. Both offer inspiration of different trends and styles to model in your home.

2) Take it From a Pattern

If your room is already decorated and you are just looking for a new paint color, try considering picking a paint that matches a pattern in your furniture, bedding, or pillows. By doing that you will bring the whole room together and create a sense of comfort. You can even create an accent wall by picking a bold and vivid color from one of the patterns in the room.

3) Lighter and Darker Shades

If you really like a color but do not think it is working, there is still hope. Before choosing a whole new color, consider picking a darker or lighter version of the original color. This is easy to do with a paint strip where you can see the dark and light varieties of every color, making your selection process easier.

4) Paint Color Flow

A great tip to making a room in a house have an illusion of being more spacious is by having the paint colors flow from room to room. The easiest way to make the color flow is to choose a neutral hue. After you have the sense of flow going on in your home, you can add decorations that add more color to each room that draw people’s attention.

5) Paint Color App

Stop stressing over picking a paint color, because now with the paint color app it is made easy to find the perfect color for your home. Now when you are in a restaurant or store and see a stunning color that would look fabulous in your home, you can match it and find the color with the app.

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