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Everyone dreams of having a classy and fancy house, but that dream house could set you back hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, and this can be a real downer for those of us who are strapped of cash. There are, however, easy and cheap ways to make your house looks fancier without having to spend all your earnings on expensive home improvement projects. It is also important for you as homeowner to remember that price is not the only indicator of an item’s quality, and there are a lot of simple and cheap things you can do to improve the atmosphere of your home and adding a little bit of luxury without splurging on expensive upgrades straight away.

For those of you who want to make a certain room in your house to look bigger and with higher ceiling, there is a very easy way to do so that you can do easily and even without spending any money–all you have to do is to hang your curtains high. This is because curtains that are hung right can draw more light into the room and visually widen your windows, making the room looks bigger and more airy. Hanging them high also gives off an illusion of taller ceilings, which also makes the room looks bigger. The ideal height for you to hang your curtain rod is around four to six inches above the frames of your windows. To top it off, make sure that you choose the right curtains for the room. You can also accessorize them cheaply and easily with decorative rods or tie backs. The right accessories can turn your curtain into a statement piece of the room itself.

If you need something to lighten up a plain or dreary room, you do not have to spend tens of thousands dollar to redecorate it. Instead, invest in a good and beautiful rug. Not only will this make your room looks more decorated and less plain instantly, adding a rug to a room will also give off a cozy and comfortable ambiance. If you think a rug is too much for the room, then there are also other simpler, and cheaper options, such as adding a flower vase as the room’s centerpiece. This simple addition can liven up the room and make it look more put together, and you do not even have to put in real plants or flowers as even a good-quality, fake flower could still make a difference.

Lastly, if you have a slightly bigger budget to spend, you can always give your walls or furniture a fresh coat of paint! Repainting your walls can freshen up the entire room and even change its mood, depending on the colors you want to repaint it with. There are also many variations and colors to choose from if you want to do a repainting job, from simple and minimalistic colors to bold and funky accent walls.

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