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How To Make Your Home Healthier? A Practical Guide

Your home is supposed to be your haven. Is it? Take, for instance, Safe Kids Worldwide’s estimate that more than 3 million kids suffer from accidental and avoidable injuries in homes annually, and you’ll be drawn into question how really safe your home is. And we’re not even talking about issues like kitchen fires, toxic chemicals, and hazardous electrical fittings yet. Be smarter; make your home healthier for your family. After all, you’ll spend more than half your life in it! Here’s a guide to help.

Beware of Lead Poisoning in Ambient Air

If your home was built in 1970s or earlier than that, chances are that the floor varnish and the paint under the top layer on your wall contain heavy amounts of lead. This means that issues such as chipping paint bits become seriously hazardous. Lead poisoning in the ambient air can be exceedingly damaging for the liver and heart. Not only do you need to be very careful and vigilant to spot these issues, but also need to exercise great caution while supervising any renovations at your home. I strongly recommend that you install an air purifier to mitigate risks of respiratory track poisoning by lead and other particulate matter.

Avoid and Mitigate Light Pollution

Surprised? Well, especially in metropolitan cities, and for people whose homes are located along busy marketplaces and commercial hubs, light pollution can easily take a toll on sleep quality. Bad sleep is linked with several health problems, right from mental illness to obesity. To make sure that nothing deteriorates the ambient light quality that you like to sleep in, use thicker curtains on windows. If your professional routine requires you to catch up on sleep in the daytime, get an eye mask.

Get Rid of Evil Foods From Your Kitchen

Here’s the deal – if you keep sodas and crisps in your pantry or kitchen area, you’ll eat it. Make it a point to specifically NOT buy unhealthy foods. Even if somebody gifts you a pack of chocolates, thank them and promise yourself that you’ll just have a ceremonious little nibble, and pass it on to somebody who will burn the calories in the gym the next day.

Don’t Sleep With Diseases

Dust is one of the biggest health hazards for children and adults alike and is linked to asthma. Unfortunately, it’s a common menace in all kinds of households. Make it a practice to frequently clean your house’s furniture using a vacuum cleaner. Also, change your bedding linen every week, if not earlier. If you’re seeing rashes on your body, it could be because of bedbugs in your bed, or pests in your kitchen area. You’ll need to seek the help of a professional pest control service to get rid of these menacing disease carrying creatures.

Concluding Remarks

The quality of health you and your family is going to enjoy throughout vastly depends on the quality of your household. I hope you act on the tips I’ve shared in this guide and make your home a healthy home.

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