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How To Design A Luxurious Home With A Limited Budget

Making your home look expensive doesn’t have to mean spending all your savings on furnishings, accessories, fabrics and gadgets. With a few tips and tricks, anyone can make their house look like something from a magazine, all the while staying in their budget. Use the following tips to design a luxurious house within a limited budget.

Out with the Old

The first step to giving your home an upscale makeover is to get rid of any broken, unfixable furniture. This doesn’t mean vintage furniture and antiques have to be thrown out. It simply means anything beyond repair should be replaced, especially items such as broken hinges, light fixtures and curtain rods. Also, check all your iron furniture for signs of rusting.

Avoid Following Trends

Instead of following home décor trends which change every few weeks or months, stick to the classics. This means sticking to neutrals and colors from the same family. Avoid clashing prints and colors, unless you have a statement piece in a room that you want to draw attention to. A great example of this is to place a brightly colored plush chair in a corner in your living room. Use similar colors in the same room by incorporating accessories, carpets, curtains, throw pillows, and more.

How To Design A Luxurious Home With A Limited Budget

Bathroom Makeover

An easy and low-cost way to revamp your bathroom in order to give it a luxe feel is to change the tiles therein. Investing in some luxurious tiles will be affordable for a smaller space like the bathroom, and using tiles in two different shades will look sophisticated. For example, white and black tiles can be used in a number of different patterns, all of which will give the bathroom a classic and stunning look. Introduce green and gold accessories to give the bathroom extra appeal.

Apply Paint

If you want to give your home a lovely upscale finish, then it’s important to stick to quality neutral tones that add light to your home. Good quality paint does not have to cost a fortune. If you must use bright colors, use them in the more private areas of the home, such as the guest bedroom or your closet. A great way to incorporate color on your walls is to choose one wall which can be painted brightly while the others are painted in the same neutral shade. Not only will this make the entire room look unique, but you will need less paint too.

Not sure about buying a paint and fearing that you’ll repent later?  Opt for freebie paint samples and find out whether or not it works for you. If you like the quality and the finish of the sample paint, you can order it in more quantities.

Get a Sound System

If you are a homeowner who happens to be a movie buff, you must invest in a great home theater system. Speakers are the key to the sound system, and you can get reasonably priced high end receivers at Huppin’s that will not only power the speakers but will enable you to switch between all of your entertainment sources. Whether you have guests over on the weekend, or you are enjoying reruns of your favorite movies by yourself, a home theater setup will go far in making your home look luxurious.

Add Lights

A well-lit room always looks glamorous and being able to find the perfect balance between natural light and electrical light takes some practice. When you enter a room, aim to let as much natural light infiltrate it as possible. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls look luxurious, but so do skylights. Both add a sophisticated touch to a home, but one will cost much less than the other. Having strategically placed lighting will also help make your house looks spacious.

Floor Matters

Whether you decide on using tiles, wooden floorboards or concrete, it will all depend on the size of your home and whether there are wet and dry parts in the house. Certain types of flooring don’t suit wet conditions while others are better for use in dry conditions.


There are few better ways to display your personality than by using a few great accessories around the home. A statement lamp, an antique heirloom or a giant Chinese fan, these are all examples of luxurious accessories that have the power to enhance the look of any room. Not only do they make space look sophisticated, they also allow you to infuse your personality and interests into the house. When you have guests, accessories can be great conversation pieces and will help others get to know you better. Accessories are not something you need to buy necessarily but something you already own. You can take your pick from several products that can double up as accessories for your home.

Use these tips to give your home a makeover. Remember, having a good looking, sophisticated house does not necessarily translate to huge sums of money being spent. Putting some thought into the lighting, flooring, wall color and furniture can make a big impact on the way your house looks. Keep these tips in mind the next time you consider giving your home an upscale look.

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