How To Choose A High-End Hotel

  If you love to travel in luxury, you are probably willing to pay to stay at a high-end hotel. But choosing the right one can be tough. Travelers who frequent roadside motels can rely on customer reviews, but most high-end hotels will have elite reviews – they are, after all, luxury destinations. So what factors should make the difference for you when choosing the perfect hotel for your stay?


            Hotels are about comfortable stays. That means that a truly elegant hotel must balance its historic qualities with modern comfort. The best hotels on the planet have timeless exteriors and rich histories, but they also are sure to renovate to keep up with the latest innovations in comfort and design. Look at the hotel’s website and try to spot the things that will make a difference in your visit. Can you tell the thickness of the comforters or duvets? (What is a duvet? Learn more here from Plumeria Bay.) Are there images of the bathrooms online? The bathrooms can be very telling in old hotels – your shower and toilet are no place for vintage fixtures! Look for modern installations.


            Aesthetics matter, too – when you pay top dollar for a great hotel, you don’t want it to look like a cheap roadside motel! Look carefully at the photos online, and think about how the decor of the hotel will mix with the aesthetics of your destination. What is elegant in Paris may seem out of place to you in Egypt, and aesthetics matter on vacations and business trips alike.

            Remember that aesthetics are a matter of taste, and don’t be afraid to reject a beautiful hotel just because it doesn’t suit your personal style. You’re the guest, and you should feel absolutely no pressure when it comes to deciding whether or not you like a hotel’s style. It’s up to you!

Location, location

            It would be nice if the perfect hotel was always right where you needed it, but that’s not the case. You may have a few decent hotel options, and your best bet is the one that makes your trip as convenient as possible.

            Use Google Maps or a different maps app to track your various destinations on your trip. Do you need to be near an office for work? Which tourist hotspots to you plan to hit? Look at the hotels relative to these spots, and determine which would be the most convenient. Don’t forget to take traffic, pedestrian paths, and public transit into account!

            And remember as well that convenience isn’t only about proximity. If you’re visiting New York and want to see Times Square, you may want a hotel nearby. But if you choose a hotel in Times Square, you’ll have to brave the crowds each and every day – even on the days where you’re heading to a different attraction in a different part of town. Decide if this is something you want! There is often a trade-off between proximity to attractions and things like crowds and noise (though a good hotel should always be quiet on the inside). It’s up to you how you weigh these factors.

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