How The Bottomless Mimosa Became The Drink Of The Millennium

As we continue to move into the 21st Century, it has become obvious that times are rapidly changing. Technology is lightyears ahead of where it was years ago, and cultural trends and fads are cycling more rapidly than ever before. But even in the face of all of this change, some things remain the same. We, the people, still love brunch. And we, the people, still love mimosas.

What is it about mimosas that makes them so transcendentally good? What is it about bottomless mimosas that makes them so transcendentally better? Why would anyone ever pass on the opportunity to mix orange juice and champagne together? These are questions whose answers are probably best left for scientists, historians, and anthropologists alike, but in the spirit of the truly bottomless spirit, we are determined to get to the bottom of this.

Does bottomless simply taste better?

In a world where it seems alcohol is something that—perhaps tragically—is just beyond the reach of the working man’s budget, finishing an ordinary drink is something that can almost be depressing. When the average drink costs somewhere upwards of $10, it is not easy to watch each drop slowly slip away. But when the drinks are, in fact, bottomless, when you finish one you are not closer to sadness—you are simply closer to the next round.

For a generation who experienced some of their most formative years during the hardships of the great recession, millennials—by nature—are individuals who are always looking to save money. What greater deal could there be than one in which the rewards are truly bottomless? The bottomless mimosa is a drink that keeps on giving, and it is one that can be enjoyed without guilt, without regret, without remorse, and without limits. The bottomless mimosa tastes of endless possibilities—in a word, it tastes of freedom. For people looking to both get their money’s worth and start the day with a little bit of liquid fun, it seems there really couldn’t be a better option.

The Science behind the Mimosa

There isn’t too much scientific investigation needed to explain why we love champagne. Simply put, a little bit of champagne on special occasions—like birthdays, New Year’s, or days of the week ending in ‘y’—is good for the soul. But the other key ingredient in a mimosa, the orange juice, isn’t just good for the soul, but it is good for your body, too.

Orange juice contains important vitamins your body craves in order to function the best that it possibly can. Orange juice contains a healthy amount of Vitamin C, calcium, and numerous other energizers that help get your day started in the right direction. Furthermore, because orange juice is highly acidic, it is very good at giving your body the cleanse it may need after a night of heavy drinking. Just like with the tomato juice you might find in a Bloody Mary, a little bit of orange juice and a little bit more alcohol can have you feeling good in multiple ways.

But—as you should be the case with all things science—we urge you to do some investigating of your own. Don’t just simply take our word for it, conduct an experiment of your own; we promise you won’t regret it.

Why we love brunch

One of the reasons the bottomless mimosas have become more popular is because they are the perfect complement to the most important meal of the day. Not breakfast, but brunch. Breakfast is a meal made for people who are trying to start their day with a lasting source of energy, and lunch is a meal for those who simply cannot wait for dinner. While both breakfast and lunch have their place in the human diet and course of action, it seems these meals are merely means to an end.

But brunch, it seems, is an end in and of itself. Brunch is an event that takes the glory of the entire day and manages to cram it into an hour or two. Brunch is the best of both worlds—the energy of breakfast, the fulfillment of lunch—and the bottomless mimosa is the physical embodiment of this epic and important meal.

In brunch, as in life, there are always a few questions we must ask ourselves. Why would we ever limit our potential? How can we seize the day and live it to the fullest? Why on Earth would we ever willing pass up an opportunity to drink an unlimited amount of champagne mixed with orange juice? These questions, it seems, are ones whose answers are never clear nor certain, but we must continue to ask them, nevertheless.

What are some other classics with orange juice?

Suppose—for some odd reason—the prospect of spending our Sundays drinking bottomless mimosas doesn’t appeal to us, and we’d rather mix our orange juice with something else. Here are a few great options:

  • Screwdriver: this very simple cocktail blends vodka and orange juice in a way that says, “Good morning world, don’t mess with me.” Any place that offers you mimosas for brunch ought to easily be able to serve you a screwdriver.
  • Tequila Sunrise: if champagne just doesn’t cut it, this simple blend of tropical paradise—tequila and orange juice—is a fun and easy way to start the day.
  • Sangria: a bit more complicated than the rest (though still quite easy to make), Sangria blends fruit, orange juice, sweetener, rum, red wine, and ice to make the perfect summertime cocktail.
  • Sex on the Beach: if you are looking for something a little bit smoother than a screwdriver, Sex on the Beach combines orange juice, vodka, cranberry juice, and schnapps to make a drink that is as good at your local bar as it is on the beach itself.

What are some other classics with champagne?

Maybe you are hoping to drink some champagne, but just aren’t in the mood for a mimosa. Though we aren’t quite sure how that could be possible, we’ll suggest a few fun alternatives:

  • Poinsettia: another great option for a brunch (or any time of the day, really), this simple cocktail is basically the same as a mimosa but with cranberry juice instead of orange juice.
  • San Remo: this drink is a perfect blend of sweet, tart, and delicious. Simply mix champagne with triple sec, mandarin liqueur, and grapefruit juice.
  • French 75: fans of French 75—though few and far between—have been laughing at mimosa drinkers for decades. This combination of gin, lemon, and champagne is truly a distinctive taste that you ought to try at least once.

When it comes to starting your day with a little bit of an alcoholic kick, clearly you have a lot of options. All of these orange juice and champagne cocktails are worth trying. But ultimately, it still seems nothing can quite top a classic mimosa—especially when the mimosas themselves are bottomless. Whether you are trying to recover from a party the night before, or are rearing up for an epic day ahead of you, the bottomless mimosa is an option that will be sure to never let you down. There is no surprise that the bottomless mimosa has truly become the iconic drink of a generation.

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