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How Do You Disinfect Your Water Storage Tanks?

Storage tanks and tankers always need good care and maintenance and especially those which are used for storing water and other fluids. In an emergency case, it is often required to quickly provide water supply for the people. This happens because the normal systems of supply have been destroyed or damaged. WHY is the question! It is obvious if you don’t maintain the water supply systems, they will eventually degrade with time. FRP storage tanks manufacturers bring guidelines to maintain water storage tanks. They will also talk about disinfecting of storage tanks in this post.

Let’s get started with procedural steps

During emergency, it is an acceptable practice to disinfect polluted tanks. You should know that you will need large amount of clean water to clean and treat the storage tanks prior you use them for transporting or storing water. Here are the steps-

• Select the tanks to use

You should select the tanks on the basis of three considerations –

• Normal use
• Water Storage hygiene
• Ease of Cleaning

The tank you select should have been used for holding food-grade liquids like fruit juice, milk, cooking oil, wines, vinegar and spirits. If the tank previously held water but is not in use now must be also cleaned and disinfected. Water or fluid will remain clean inside the tank if you store them safely. So, you must clean them and cover them properly with a lid.

• Cleaning

Empty the tank – The tank you select for cleaning should be empty. You must drain out the liquid and make sure it doesn’t hold any remains. Scrub the internal surfaces of the tank to remove the mineral buildup. You can try the ix of detergent and hot water for scrubbing out the buildup. Use stiff brush for this process.

Once the cleaning and scrubbing is done, rinse the tank with clean water.

• Disinfection

The most common method used by professionals for disinfecting storage tanks is chlorination. Chlorine is used on many ways but when high-strength calcium hypochlorite is mixed with water, it produces 60% to 80% of chlorine volume.

So, now you know how FRP storage tanks manufacturers perform disinfection and cleaning of their storage tanks. If you have any question, you can ask in comment section. Your question will be answered by professionals soon. Do share your reviews with other readers. We will appreciate if you share this post with your contacts and friends.

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