How Are Customized Amazon Alexa Skills Working In The Market?

In a world which is moving towards a more personalized and high-tech living, different companies are on the verge of expansion and are bringing newer set of technologies and innovations to make people’s life a lot more easily and worth living. With the invention of Amazon Alexa, people have found way more comfort than they had in their previous lives.

To know more about the all new Amazon Alexa and its skills in the current based market, this article will surely fill your brains with all the essential detailing as well as knowledge which every one of us desires for.

What is Actually Amazon Alexa?

Alexa is an Intelligent Personal Assistant of Amazon and was first used in the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot. Talking about its development, it was developed by Amazon Lab126 and is still on its firm position, expanding for more since its invention.

Features of the Amazon Alexa

  • Voice Interaction

With the help of this feature, users can give in commands to the Amazon Alexa and it can perform the same with an absolute level of perfection.

  • Music Playback

For Music Lovers, this functionality can be a boon in the midst of chaos and stress.

  • Making the To-Do-Lists

Setting priority of all your tasks can be made easy and convenient with Amazon Alexa.

Apart from the above features provided by Amazon Alexa, you can enjoy more of the lure benefits of this amazingly powerful voice assistant in a more cheerful and joyful manner.

Some Essential Scenarios depicting the working of Customized Amazon Alexa Skill’s

  1. Alexa, let’s do Dishes” Voice Activated Smart Faucet on the Cards

You must never have thought of a dishwashing task to be fused with the Smart technologies in any case. But, with the help of Delta Faucet, the all new Smart Faucet is jumping into the market and will make its debut at the Pepcom during CES 2018.

Platform Combination

This Appliance is a fusion of two platforms namely, Amazon’s Alexa voice-driven digital assistant and Delta’s Touch2O Technological based faucets. If we see the current scenario, a number of Smart Faucets are making their way into smart homes and filling them with more technology and other advancements. Also, these faucets will be equipped with temperature control gauges which will make it easier for the family members to control the need of water for such activity.

Delta Touch 2O + Amazon Alexa

The all-new Delta Touch 2O matches with the Amazon Alexa and allows users to do various operations. Among such operations include turning on, off water, measure the water quantity or even warm water. Also, these things can be controlled via Wi-Fi technology which is a huge bonus in this Wi-Fi based world.

A word of Mouth by Mike Sale

“Today’s world is more connected than ever before; that drives a need for products that deliver convenience and connectivity,” said Mike Sale, senior product manager for Delta Faucet.

“From the minds that created the innovative Touch2O Technology and H2O Kinetic shower technology, we are excited for Amazon Alexa’s Voice Activation Technology to represent the evolution of hands-free technology, and how Delta Faucet Company can exceed consumer expectations in the kitchen.”

  1. Alexa’s Hospitality Skill

Amazon Echo is beginning to be witnessed in some hotel rooms which are a part of the experimentation process. With the help of Amazon Alexa, hoteliers are attempting to push the guest experience and improve the whole scenario at a much relentless rate.

In the earlier days, there was just a Bluetooth Speaker and just had a handful of personal assistant operations. But, with the Advent of Amazon Echo, Artificial intelligence importance has been reach at a skyrocketing level.

Amazon Echo Plus

Apart from the older Amazon Echo which was quite amazing and helpful, the Amazon Echo Plus implements Amazon Alexa with a whole new bunch of features. In such features include phone calls and a video screen. Also, the all-new Echo Spot is a device with a smaller screen which is something of a smart clock.

“She”—Alexa’s Amazon Voice is Female and can also read books, play any music on demand and can engage itself with a great number of “skills” which users choose from their Alexa Smartphone App.

Marriott International is among the top hotel companies which are experimenting with Alexa and are getting a huge amount of positive response from the guests who visit their hotel for preferable accommodations.

  1. Volara- Voice Assistant Based hospitality approach

Volara is a company which provides a sense of satisfaction to millions of guests through Voice-based guest engagement software for Echo devices. If we talk about the November scenario, Volara Helped 24 hotels around the country in which it deployed Alexa devices in hotel rooms and are currently in collaboration with Amazon web services.

Also, Volara helps hotels to get the necessary hardware such as a smart device like Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot.

Response from guests

The Response from hotels and consumers on Amazon Alexa has been tremendous and at the same time overwhelming. Also, various other hotels are driven by this Idea and are willing to opt for Amazon Alexa in the nearby future.

Final Thoughts

As far as we are visualizing the above scenario, there will certainly be no Stoppage for the Amazon Alexa in the nearby future because of the number of customizable skills it is offering to millions of users all over the world. Also, plenty of the Mobile App Development Companies are making some fantastic apps and curbing it with the all-new Amazon Alexa will be a total beast of a performance. As of now, it will be a thrill to watch what kind of a revolution Amazon Alexa brings to this already hi-tech world.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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