House Wiring Tricks and Techniques Followed by Professionals

Even if you have done several wiring projects, there are some tricks that you may not know. House wires manufacturers bring some coolest tips, tricks, and techniques for you. All these tips will help you wire better, neater, and faster than before. Read them out loud and share with your contacts.

  • Uncoil cable without kinks

Pulling plastic coated cable through holes in the framing is just easier. You can do it conveniently by straightening the cable out first. If you simply pull the cable from the coil center, it will kink since you pull it through the studs.

What is the trick?

You need to lift more coils from the roll center and toss them across the floor like you are throwing a coiled cope. After this, walk along the cable length and make it straight as you go. Experts prefer this method a lot as the can keep the cable contained in the plastic wrapper for neater storage and convenient handling.

  • Pack electrical boxes carefully

If you have done a lot of wiring, you must have had times when you could hardly push the switch or outlet within the box due to presence of numerous wires.

What is the trick?

You must arrange the wires precisely and then fold them carefully inside the box. Gather all the bare ground wires with a long pigtail and connect them. Fold them into the box while leaving the pigtail extended. Repeat this thing for neutral wires. You may not required neutral pigtail if you connect switches as mentioned here. Leave the hot wire extra long and fold and forth across the box bottom. You can use a wire connector cap on the hot wire to recognize it.

Correctly packed box will make it easy for you to determine the wires and you can add switches.

  • Remove sheathing from underground feeder cable

UF or underground feeder cable is sheathed with tough plastic that enables you to bury it directly within the ground without running it through a conduit. You can remove the sheathing with a simple trick.

What is the trick?

Separate the black and white wires from the bare copper by grabbing each of them using pliers and twisting. You just need to start tearing them. Pull them apart until you have a foot of separated wires.

Remove the sheathing by grabbing the end of wire with a pair of pliers. Once sheathing is done, peel it off. Repeat the process for black wire. At the end, cut the loose sheathing with a knife or scissors.

Have you forgotten something? Yes, saying thank you to house wires manufacturers!

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