HelperPlace – The Ideal Site for Connecting Domestic Helpers with Employers in Hong Kong

HelperPlace is an ideal way to match expectations with reality, as employers can hire the right candidates through the site efficiently. It is essential for working mums and busy families to hire the ideal domestic helper or driver, especially those who are experienced in the field.

It is often noted that most families feel that domestic helpers are among the most important people that matter to their lives. Routine chores can be a burden for working people, and some fail to take the time out to clean their rooms, take care of children and even drive their cars efficiently for work. For all such non-core activities, they rely on domestic helpers who can do each of these tasks without any hassle. It is important to choose the right employee for your family and in turn, give them a holistic working environment.

Why should one choose HelperPlace?

HelperPlace allows employers to search domestic helpers quickly without much difficulty. One just has to post their job offer and then look out for the best candidates in Hong Kong. Our solution is absolutely free for both job candidates and employers too!

So if you are looking for best domestic helpers in town, you know where to log in! Find your best helper from than 200,000 connections, allowing them to meet you with no frills attached. After the screening process, you can choose and recruit the best helper that you need for your family.

So the process involves just about four steps – post relevant jobs, search the resumes from the database of helpers, screen the candidates through physical interviews and then recruit the best ones for your needs.

The Inception and the Idea

Edouard, a French entrepreneur who has been working in Hive Sai Kung, in Hong Kong since 8 years, was at loss finding competent domestic helpers in the city, two years ago! He wanted a professional child care helper or maid to take care of his son. But the process of hiring was getting tougher by the day as there were thousands of domestic helpers, especially foreign helpers in the city. Screening and choosing the right candidate proved to be a bigger hassle than he imagined.

Edouard went through the same process as others, discussing with several people, especially a lot of parents, who were stuck in the same rut of finding domestic helpers but to no avail. After a few months, Edouard thought of making a platform for connecting domestic helpers, drivers, maids and even child care helpers with respective employers. He zeroed in HelperPlace and got going on the mission for the same.

HelperPlace started out as a collaborative platform for domestic helpers to connect with employers directly. He envisioned that since there are more than 350,000 people who work as domestic Helpers, even they will find it tough to find perfect employers who can guarantee good pay and a great working environment. It was routinely in the news if employers misbehaved or tortured helpers and not many could challenge the predicament, since there were less jobs on offer that they could know. Similarly, employers found it difficult to trust and find helpers who were competent enough to fulfill their needs, especially in times of emergency.

How HelperPlace has Impacted Lives

HelperPlace has been successful in finding perfect matches for employers and helpers easily and quickly. Finding ideal matches in your location is far higher now owing to the site’s prompt uncomplicated service, and much better than the regular word-of-mouth publicity that helpers have to rely on for getting work on a daily basis.

HelperPlace offers all helpers the best visibility for getting a job for their expertise and experience without charging them. Proper guidance and support are provided to helpers to know their rights and obligations in Hong Kong including visa and employment contract.

Employers can now scour through qualitative profiles of domestic workers that are aligned with their expectations and affordability. With complete access to several thousand profiles, they can find a helper in their locality who is willing to do the needful for the family. One can post a job ad with specific needs to the site and find perfect candidates for the job too. Employers can use the service freely for 7 days, and then can pay to extend the services for just a small fee (HK$80/month).

Author bio

Edouard Muller is a French entrepreneur working in the Hive Sai Kung. He is the founder of HelperPlace – a leading platform to find the right domestic helper in Hong Kong.

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