Getting Started With jQuery Application Development

What is jQuery Application Development?

JQuery mobile, one of the most popular client- side scripting language is a touch-optimized framework developed on the basis of the jQuery library. This open source platform enables the developer to create mobile applications that are compatible with each and every device available in the market. In addition to this, with the help of HTML5, CSS3, and javascript, developers use the framework to create different mobile apps such as Google maps, Facebook and Twitter. In fact, due to its compatibility with other platforms, jQuery application development has become quite popular in the entire mobile app development industry.

Here in the post, we will be evaluating everything about this open source development platform.

Why choose jQuery for application development?

Based on javascript framework, many developers find jQuery effective and easy to learn. The jQuery library is built on shorter and simpler open coding standards. In order to work on developing jQuery mobile, you don’t have to be an expert in programming or web designing. I mean spending a few hours on coding and testing will surely help. Apart from this, there are several other reasons why jQuery mobile apps are making such an impact.

Till now, JQuery tools have been proven to work for numerous browsers such as Firefox 2.0, internet explorer 6+, safari 3+, opera 9+, Chrome 1+ and so more. Besides, it also helps your developer to avoid browser crashes.

You must be well aware regarding the fact that flash developing is no more cheap these days. It takes years of knowledge and experience to be capable of creating movie-like creations. While on the other hand, jQuery mobile UI is free and only requires proper knowledge of javascript and HTML.

Pages with high load time affects SEO, thus it is always advisable for the developer to make the code as light and as concise as possible. This core benefit of CSS and HTML is a proven success.

Another SEO advantage of the jQuery application development worth mentioning is that you can load animations with appropriate keywords which can be read easily by the search engines.

Features & Characteristics

  • Easy to learn, whether you want to create animation or an entire slideshow
  • Free to download
  • Endless jQuery mobile tutorials
  • DOM manipulation; you can add, change the order or take away the content on a web page with a simple script.
  • Apps are compatible with almost all operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry.
  • Pages based on HTML require minimum amount of scripting
  • Check the jQuery mobile tutorial, I am sure that you will find all core functionalities for mobile, tablet and web apps.
  • JQuery itself being a touch-optimized theme allows the developer to customize colors and CSS aspects of jQuery mobile UI features.
  • It turns out to be a high-quality user experience for every app

Using JQuery In Any Industrial Application

The below-mentioned examples showcase how to use jQuery application development to create compelling web experiences.

  • In case, you are creating a project management dashboard. JQuery can provide a great help in creating controls like the doughnut chart and hierarchical grid which represents tasks progress and proper time allocation. By doing this, the user can easily identify risks and adjust project plans accordingly.
  • If you are creating a marketing dashboard then I am sure you will need to emphasize on the date, picker, data chart, bullet graph controls to tackle few marketing-related challenges. By using jQuery UI, you will not only get to view a site that is aesthetically pleasing but even you will be able to track sessions, conversions and conversion costs.
  • While for the financial industry, elements such as data chart, dialog and zoom bar controls can be easily optimized for high-speed financial charting. Moreover, the data chart enables key statistical and technical indicators and comparisons to key competitors.

On and all, today numerous web & mobile application development companies like eTatvaSoft have added JQuery application development to their service range. It may even interest you to know that the foundation of jQuery is based on jQuery and jQuery UI and turns out to be a great tool for cross-platform mobile application development projects. Cross platform is the trendiest approach that helps businesses to have multi-platform versions of a single app at affordable rates.

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