Getting More Traffic To Your Business Page by Building Followers On Instagram

Instagram is now not only the No.1 image-based social media platform but also one of the favorite brand promotion tool for the digital marketers. If you maintain an Instagram feed for brand promotions, then the primary goal is to grab some followers and traffic through Instagram every day.

On checking its history, we can see that Instagram quickly outgrew the first impression of being a fun picture sharing app to a key content marketing platform as of now. For the brands, including the top ones in the world, Instagram is the apt channel for networking and building audience. With more than 200 million users accessing it monthly and sharing about 1.6 billion likes for 60 million photos per day, what else can be your best place for business promotions.

Recent Growth in Instagram Promotions

After Instagram was taken over by Facebook in a USD 1 billion deal back in the year 2012, it started to come up in popularity and started offering real value-addition to businesses. With more than 8000 likes and 1000 comments posted per second now, the scope is endless on Instagram.

If you plan to drive traffic through Instagram, make sure that your web presence is mobile friendly at the first point. Most people who land on Instagram tend to check your websites on the go on their smartphones, so it is crucial to ensure the best experience for the users. Further, we will discuss some actionable tips to engage more followers and how to increase traffic to Instagram organically.

Traffic building strategies for Instagram

1. Post your blog photos

You should first try and add great photos to your blog posts. It is not easy to share your blog posts as such on the Instagram, so it is easier to share these photos from your blog on this platform to attract the viewers to your blog content from there. Share the most compelling images on this platform with a relevant link to your blog or website.

2. Maintain your banners and links

Brands used to feature big banners and then link them back to social media accounts. This approach had shown a positive impact regarding digital marketing as it will drive in a fair amount of traffic to the website.

3. Running an ad campaign

Running an ad is the simplest way to drive more traffic to your blog or website from platforms like Instagram. Unlike the organic posts which find it hard to reach the viewers, Instagram ads are deliberated promoted among the target group, and unlike organic posts, these are clickable to direct link backs. Apart from the option for users to click and go to pages of their chose, Instagram also includes a “Learn More” type call to action button which will increase click-through rates.

4. Target properly

Ads on Instagram primarily use the same strategy of its parent company like Facebook at the backend. In this, you can specify the target group when you post an ad. There are thousands of combinations regarding precisely defining your ad target like:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Education
  • Relationship status
  • Profession
  • Interests and priorities
  • Hobbies

Online behaviors as purchased history, preferences, etc.

You can put these together to define any number of combinations to specify the target group to get more responses and build more followers for Instagram.

5. Using Instagram badges

The custom-made Instagram icons are now the most effective tool to create links back to your account and in turn, drive traffic to your website or landing page. This is a very easy, but effective method and you can make use of a good tutorial to create Instagram badges to do it effectively.

6. Linking using Instagram Stories

Even though the organic Instagram posts are not linkable, you can link the Instagram Stories from a verified account. It is easy to become verified as the majority of the brands can be easily clear the eligibility, and it is not mandatory to have a lot of followers to get it. Even if you don’t have a verified account, you can still drive in traffic to your desired pages by working closely with a verified influencer.

7. Working with an influencer

Say for example, if a bookstore wants to promote their brand for a specific campaign through Stories, but don’t have a verified account can work Zoella, which is a digital influencer in their domain with a verified account to promote someone on their behalf. The influencers can add a call-to-action button as “swipe up” and once a reader and once users swipe up, they will be taken to the specified page. Working with a good influencer has some additional benefits too as reaching a large number of audience who are not familiar with your specific brand.

8. Better use of hashtags

Everyone knows that hashtags are the basic rule of Instagram story telling. You may be seeing more number of hashtags on pictures now, which make these more searchable. Some hashtags grow popular over time, but the right promotional strategy is not to stick to the most popular hashtag but to stick to the most relevant hashtags for your brand and products.

The search engine of Instagram is much mightier than Twitter, so by adding more relevant hashtags, your chances of getting found stands higher. It is ideal to use three hashtags in business posts as people tend to believe your content is spam if it is stuffed with a large bundle of hashtags.

9. Optimize Instagram contests

Managing proper and timely contests is the best approach by successful marketers on Instagram. You can freely start a photo contest on Instagram, but one should know how to create the maximum impact on the followers to run it successfully. You can make your contests more specifically by putting forth conditions like the users should follow your brand official account and need to post the contest content with specified hashtags.  You can also ask them to post photos which feature your brand or products for the contest.

It is comparatively easier for you to establish your brand on Instagram and generates traffic through it if you take a knowledgeable imitative to do the right things, at the right place, and at the right time. At the end of the say, you need to ensure accomplishment of enough strategies to engage and fascinate the followers to grab attention. The golden rule to keep in mind while working on Instagram brand promotions is that it is not all about getting more results, but the ultimate goals to reach closer to more and more audience.

Author bio: Terrance McGuire is a well-known social media marketer and blog writer, who used to share the most updated digital marketing strategies through his articles. His tips and tricks on how to build more followers for Instagram and instant hits.

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