Get Naked! TOP 7 Best Visiting Nude Beaches In Greece

Topless beaches are popular in our days. Nudists and naturists that promote nude rest try to find support in different branches of rest industry. The most of people support the idea of having rest with no clothes. That was the reason to create special branch of hotel industry – nude swing hotel. What does it mean? The nude rest hotel means that you stay with no clothes everywhere. Nudes think of their naked body with ease. They like spending time on the beach with no clothes and no regrets.

Nude beaches are popular in Greece. It is not only about government support: they look indifferent to control nude territories. The long beach line, variety of islands and hidden bays make the country the most popular place for nude rest in Europe. There are many nude beaches in Greece. Every big city in the country is surrounded with one or two topless zones. Hire a car in Athens and go out of the city to find at least one of them. You should learn the list of the most popular nude beaches where you can find the piece of isolated territory for you and your friends.

El templo del sol nude beach

Myconos: Paradise and Super Paradise

Both of these places are mega popular, well-equipped and overcrowded. Paradise became one of the first beaches of this type with the world popularity. Nevertheless, Super Paradise becomes more and more popular every day. There is one big minus – lots of lookie-loos who jammed the beach territory to watch topless tourists. There is a camping not far from Paradise that is the best decision for all who prefer budget vacation. If you stopped far from the beach, you can use a boat, taxi or public transport to get there. These places are also popular with noisy parties every night.

Crete: Red Beach

You should remember that there are many beaches with this name in Greece. It can be easily explained. The name Red beach comes from the color of the beach sand that is red. The nude Red Beach is located in the South part of Crete, 25 minutes walking from the Matala village. You should cross the village and go down the narrow path to the beach. You can ask locals if you could not find the way.

The beach infrastructure is weak and must be much better. It is better to take something to eat and draw sheet with you. Of course, Red Beach is considered to be the best nude beach in Greece and in the world but because of high service. You can find the beach territory for nudists and for traditional tourists, who do not like topless bodies. Choose what you like.

Crete: Glyka Nera

The name of this beach is translated as Sweet Water. It is also attractive for nude tourists. Of course, the natural conditions are not very attractive: there is no sand but stony sea side, the water is cool but not warm. You can get the beach by walking from the neighbor villages or by boating. You can see the wild goats not far from the beach: they are not afraid of tourists, especially if you have something tasty to eat. If you do not have food, you may visit the nearest cafe to drink Greek coffee and sausages.

Crete: Marmara Beach

The beach is situated 45 minutes walking from Lutro village. Marmara is a beach that is rather surprising territory. It was democratic atmosphere many years ago and you could lie in the sun with comfort. There was enough space for nudists and tourists. Later, the beach territory was covered with the signs NO NUDISTS here and there. Thus, the part of tourists moved on. The other part of topless tourists still comes here to lie in the sun in the hidden bay not far from the village.

Traditionally, you can get to the beach on foot or by renting boat. The beach is small and stony. The sea cost is famous of its rocks and caves.

Crete: Filaki Beach

This is the only one legal nude beach in Crete. It is situated not far from the Vritomartis Hotel. The beach is very friendly and available anytime.

Myrtos, beach

Karpathos: Kastellia

Of course, locals gained their glory due to their traditions. Also, Karpathos is famous of its charming nude beach. Kastellia is situated next to the popular beaches like Micra and Megali Amopi. You can get there by bus or car from Pigadia village.

Skiathos: Banana Beach

You cannot call Skiathos a friendly nude territory. Nevertheless, three local beaches allow coming here for topless vacation. The oldest of them is Big Banana that is still full of traditionally-built tourists. Nevertheless, nudists also come here. The Nameless Banana is less conservative. The Little Banana is the paradise for nudists. By the way, all three beaches are sandy. There was time when this territory was privileges only for Greek tourists. The situation has changed. The beaches of Skiathos are popular international territories. So, they are worth visiting.


Few Advises

If there is a church, tavern, cafe or any other public place not far from the beach, this place is not for nudes.

If you came to the beach, look around first! There are many places that have the same status from the season to season. There are also many places that have already changed their status. If you can see tourists in the swimming suits, try to go far and look for the nude territory. It can be hidden step aside.

If you want to bath naked but you are shiny person, try to find more private place on the beach to start your nude career.

Never forget that good rest is safe rest. You should take skin protect cream. The Greek sun is very cruel and hot during the day.

Stay your camera in the hotel! You know. Naked people do not love people with camera.

Do not stay in the open sun for more than two hours. Try to find beach with well-organized infrastructure to make your rest safe and comfortable.

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