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Flexform Furniture and the Epitome of Italian Style

Cavallini1920 is a luxury furniture retailer and interior design specialist that serves as official dealer for many of the most exclusive brands in the realm of Italian designer interiors. Its flagship store is located in a historic building at the heart of Milan, but the company also has a state-of-the-art maxi showroom in the nearby town of Varedo. And at both Cavallini1920 locations, discerning customers seem to be inevitably drawn to the discrete yet breathtaking charm of Flexform furniture. Flexform, a luxury furniture manufacturer based in the Brianza design district, is admired around the globe for the timeless beauty and unparalleled quality of its pieces, which represent some of the highest expressions of modern Italian design. The company offers a vast range of gorgeous sofas, sectionals and armchairs, as well as an extensive collection of dining tables, chairs, bookshelves.

Flexform means superb sofas

Flexform is well known as a leading manufacturer of superior-quality sofas and sectionals. Each piece is designed and manufactured to the highest standards of Flexform furniture excellence, and most are available in a near-endless variety of configurations, with a vast choice of materials and finishes. A few examples?

The Groundpiece sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio in 2001, single-handedly reinvented the concept of couch, and it remains one of the best-selling items in the Flexform furniture collection. With its deconstructed line and its low and deep sitting surface, the sofa has a warm and inviting allure, further enhanced by its innovative console-armrests, which have since been imitated countless times.

The Adda sofa is a graceful and contemporary model featuring a lightweight structure with an exposed metal base and generously-filled goose-down cushions, that exudes a distinctive vibe.

Other popular choices include the plush and inviting Newbridge sofa by Carlo Colombo, the tufted Magister model – an evergreen that has been in high demand since 1982 – and the leather-clad Happy-Hour sofa, whose clean uncluttered lines add elegance and refinement to any living space.

Flexform furniture: more than just couches

While sofas and armchairs remain the core business of Flexform, the company also offers an impressive range of other products for the living area, dining room and bedroom as well as a spectacular range of outdoor furnishings.

A relatively recent addition to the Flexform furniture range, Flexform tables have enjoyed immense popularity since they hit the market a few decades ago. The Checker table, designed by John Hutton, fuses a stunning contemporary design with elements of traditional marquetry, to surprising effect. The oval Arthur table and the round Royal table feature uniquely ethereal metal bases that will make them the focal point of any dining area.

Flexform offers an ample range of chairs, armchairs, ottomans and bar stools, from the timeless Moka dining chair – a masterpiece of Italian rationalism designed by Asnago and Vender in the 1930s – to the ultra-contemporary Thomas armchair.

The Flexform furniture collection also includes breathtaking beds (like the Groundpiece bed, which reprises the defining traits of its namesake sofa) and bookcases (such as the Infinity model, a masterpiece of the “less is more” philosophy), as well as a host of exquisite coffee tables, consoles and accessories.

Finally, outdoor Flexform furniture includes sofas, chairs, armchairs and tables – a complete range of masterful creations to transform your backyard in a designer Italian living room with the sky for a roof.

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