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First Steps To Take In Your New Home To Ensure It’s Safe and Secure

You’ve just been given the keys to your new home, your weeks and even months of waiting to get in are finally over, and the excitement takes hold. While it’s important to enjoy those first moments in your new home and celebrate all you have accomplished, it’s also important you switch over to a safety-point of view and take some steps to ensure your new home is safe and secure.

Here’s a look at the first steps you can take to ensure the home is safe, and all your contents that you are moving in will remain secure.

Change the Locks

It doesn’t matter if the door locks are brand new and in pristine condition on the new home, the fact is that you don’t know how many people had keys to the house before you moved in. Before you start moving any items into the home, or you stay there yourself, it’s important to have the locks changed.

You can call on a professional who specializes in home lock replacement such as 469Locksmith. All of their locksmiths are licensed and well-trained, and they are available day and night. Once you have replaced the locks then you know exactly who has the house key and how many of them are floating around.

Check the Windows

The next step you will want to take is to do a walk through your home inspecting the windows. You want to be looking to make sure they all have locks that work, so this means giving them a try. This is even more important for windows that are located on a first-story as these are very easy for burglars to crawl through. If any of the locks are damaged, you’ll want to replace them immediately.

Walk the Outside of Your Home

It’s also a good idea to walk the outside of your home looking for any damage to door and window frames, making sure the backyard gate is locked and secure, checking for any holes in fencing you may have, make sure the yard is well-lit with motion detector or bright lights and there are no dark spots where intruders could lurk, and trimming back hedges/bushes/trees that could act as a perfect hiding spot.

Have a Security Alarm System Installed

Even if you’ve never had a home security system in the past, it’s well worth looking into. These systems not only alert you to intruders, but they can monitor such things as carbon monoxide and smoke in the air, and even water leaking.

Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors

While most people figure that introducing yourselves to the neighbors is the friendly thing to do, it also can prove to be helpful in warding off a home invasion. Once you know your neighbors they will know who to watch for coming in and out of your home.

Feel Secure in Your Home

Taking these simple and important steps will help ensure that you feel secure in your new home and that you and the contents of the house are kept safe.

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