Feeling Cosy This Winter With Fashion Classics

With the winter drawing in it’s time to start thinking about stocking your wardrobe with some fashion classics to keep you cosy and warm in the coldest months of the year. Whether you’re taking beloved items that have stood the test of time out of storage or going on a shopping spree to fill out your winter wardrobe, you’ll need these essential pieces that no one can face winter without!


Winter just won’t be endurable without a selection of sweaters to choose from, but the key is to have a selection. For lazy Sundays around the house without any public pressure a much loved old standard fits the bill perfectly. A hoodie that reminds you of the gig you bought it at, the slightly unravelling charity shop bargain, these are the standards that make us feel cosy and contented in the winter. It’s worth broadening your selection a little though. Adding at least one luxury cashmere sweater gives you the option of a more formal, though still soft and luxury choice, perfect for a work event or higher scale party. Light enough to carry with you, but warm enough to act as useful insulation, cashmere is a good option for the unpredictable days of autumn as well as the more consistently chilly winter.


Choosing a winter coat is your biggest decision of the season. It’s the first and last impression you will make on people as you arrive and leave, it’s cut is the silhouette people will remember when you’ve gone. It’s not for nothing that people still talk about how iconic the BBC Sherlock’s coat was and replicas change hands for multiple hundreds of pounds.

Choosing your winter coat gives you the chance to define how people think of you for the next few months. You could choose a classic cut, something more modern, or a timeless option that falls somewhere in between. Think of characters and models that inspire you and pick an option that invokes that look. You don’t have to recreate it precisely, just suggest it, and you’ll have created a striking winter look for yourself.


One of the most important things to remember as you build your winter wardrobe is that comfort is as much a priority as fashion. There are certainly some events that make it worth compromising your personal comfort to make a striking entrance, but most of the time you need to be thinking of warmth, softness and luxury. Winter can be a depressing time, so at least invest in a onesie, so when you’re stuck at home on the most depressing days of the year, you’ll be cosy and warm, and, hopefully, happy.

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