Does Your Marriage Seem on the Rocks?

Keeping a marriage together for years can be one of the toughest challenges people will face in life.

That said it is important to be aware of signs that your marriage could be on the rocks. Failing to do so can make the impending ending of a marriage even more difficult to handle.

So, does your marriage seem rather rocky these days?

What Signs Should You Be Looking for?

If things seem a little off with your marriage, have you noticed any particular signs?

Among some of the more common ones:

  1. Time together – While work and family schedules can mean less time together, don’t use as excuses. There could be more going on that is keeping the two of you apart. For instance, is your husband cheating on you? While you would like to think this is not the case, there may well be telltale signs to say he is. And yes, the same holds true if the wife is cheating on her other half. Less time together tends to be the most obvious of signs. Instead of shared time after work or on weekends, your partner finds other things to occupy them. In doing this, they could be telling you in one manner or another that they have found someone else to comfort them. Your best bet is going to be to confront them in a non-hostile way. Yelling and making a scene does not do either party any good.
  2. Emails and calls – If he or she has been open with computer time and the phone, you would find surprise if this changed. Do they get nervous being on a computer when you are around? Do they tend to duck out of the room to take a call or text more often than they used to? These two actions can be indicative of someone wanting privacy. While some privacy is fine, someone trying to get too much of it may well be hiding things. Unless you plan to somehow access their computer email or phone, you may well not know what they are up to. Accessing their email or phone can lead to trouble. As such, weigh your options in a careful manner. The last thing you want is an all-out confrontation with your spouse.
  3. Ending up in different parts of town – As a married couple, you very well know your partner’s habits by now. With that being the case, are they driving off to different parts of town? If so, there’s a good chance they are meeting someone. You might opt to hire a private investigator to trail them. This can be a bit of a risk and also get expensive. If you decide to follow them on your own, be discreet about it. Once again, a confrontation is the last thing you need. Your best bet may be to ask them why they were in a part of town they do not frequent. If they ask you how you knew, tell them a family friend saw them.

Knowing if your marriage is on the rocks can be hard to determine. It can also be difficult to deal with if you get the answer you were not hoping for.

That said know when it is time to call things quits.

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