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Common Bad Habits That Could Stagnate Your Ability To Get and Stay Healthy

Are you trying desperately to live a healthier life but don’t seem to be having any luck? Perhaps you’ve tried every diet and exercise program out there that promised to help you get back on track, but nothing seems to work. The problem, may not be in the methods you’re using to get healthier, but in the bad habits, you’ve developed over the years that are contributing to your physical and mental health. Bad habits, have a way of feeling good or right in the moment but lead to extreme consequences. However, in eliminating these unhealthy habits, your ability to reach your new health goals is enhanced.

When you’ve identified the things you’re doing to negatively impact your physical and mental well-being, you can begin to take steps towards eliminating them. This, in turn, will improve your health giving you an improved ability to reach any health goals you have set. Let’s take a look at some obvious and not so obvious bad habits that you need to ditch in order to get healthier.

  1. Not Enough Water

Your body is made up of about 60 percent water and so it should come as no surprise that not drinking enough water can eventually catch up to you in a negative way. Those who suffer from dehydration aren’t always dry lipped and weak, in fact, many Americans don’t drink the recommended amount of water every day which can lead to lack of concentration, memory loss, unstable mood, lack of oxygen to vital organs, poor lubrication, chemical imbalances, digestive issues, decreased muscle mass, joint pain, premature aging and more.

Healthy Solution: So, you know you need water, but you’re not really digging it. Try to get more water into your day by drinking water flavored with fruit you like. The nutrients in the fruit provide additional nutritional value and a bit more flavor than plain water.

  1. Excessive Drug Use

Drug consumption is highly praised in the entertainment these days. Though it may seem like a lot of fun to take ecstasy pills, pop Percocet, drink codeine, or smoke marijuana, you can quickly become hooked. It may seem harmless in the moment and even seem like a cool way to blow off some steam and focus on something other than the stresses of your life, but it can lead to physical and emotional changes, dependency, and the demise of your personal and professional relationships.

Healthy Solution: Well, the first thing you want to do is stop using drugs whether recreationally or on a regular basis. If it is difficult to stop or you find yourself relapsing, an outpatient drug treatment program may be what is necessary to help you become and remain sober.

  1. Too Much Screen Time

In a digitally dependent age, screens can be found everywhere. Television sets, tablets, laptops, computers, and smartphones are likely to be found in the house or office of every person. Though entertaining and convenient, too much screen time can have serious health effects. From eyestrain and weight gain to neck pain and procrastination, a lot could go wrong if you’re constantly staring at one screen or the other.

Healthy Solution: Try to unplug as often as you can. When you get home from work, turn off your cell phone. Set an hourly limit on television watching throughout the week. Record shows instead of watching them live as it can reduce the urge to binge watch.

  1. Not Enough of the Right Nutrients

Your body requires fuel to operate effectively each day. This fuel, comes in the form of food. When you’re eating a lot of junk food, salty snacks, and sweet treats, you fuel your body with salt, sugar, and genetically modified components that can be complicated for the body to process. This then leads to the deterioration of your health in the form of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and more.

Healthy Solution: Sometimes diets can seem bland persuading you to want to consume those guilty pleasures. Try to find foods that taste great to add to your diet so it’s not so boring.

  1. Making use of low-quality products

With plenty of brands selling a vast number of their products for their respective marketplaces, it’s tempting for many to not mind what the label says. Often grabbing the cheapest alternatives, either for food, cosmetics or even clothing, without keeping in mind any side-effects they have for our health.

Healthy Solution: Make it a habit to avoid buying products whose brands seem off to you or have very vague descriptions on ingredients. Try buying products that have been tried and tested, especially those that involve daily use or consumption, such as investing in quality skin care with the best vitamin c serum or ingredients from reputable brands.

It’s crazy how one or two bad habits can put a monkey wrench in your efforts to get healthy. If you’ve been trying for years to get in shape, eat right, and just feel better overall with limited results, you may need to take a look at current behaviors. Try to remove any bad habits with healthy solutions and with time you should see more progress in your goals to live healthier.

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