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Karndean Vinyl Tiles

For homeowners, there are a plethora of options available when it comes to flooring. But, for best quality floorings for your home, they must opt for the Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tiles without a second thought. It is the most trending and superior grade flooring option out there that features some of the great characteristics which make it is the practical choice for commercial and residential purposes. Below is the in-depth review of Karndean Vinyl which would give you the reason to invest in this flooring option.

Unbelievable Range of Luxury Flooring Options and Tiles

Karndean is the reputed and reliable brand today that is known for offering natural wood and stone flooring textures. You will come across with a variety of patterns, textures and shades which you can choose to give your home the right amalgam of the décor.

There is also Art Select range of tiles which you can use to personalize the space and there are strips design tiles which you can use to make the room look interesting and decorative or even you can use them to highlight the corners of your room. Karndean also brings to you a wide range of strip patterns and shades which you can use in the most creative way for decorating the space or combine it with wood floors and stones.

The Karndean Vinyl also has other ranges which are Karndean Van Gogh and Karndean Opus and both of these ranges can be used to customize any room or living areas and bedrooms. The rooms with temperature fluctuations can find this option quite useful. The commercial establishments can also find a variety of flooring options that are being delivered by Karndean Tiles. The stylish product range from this brand not only adds an essence of personality to the reception area, but also enhances the overall appearance of the office.

Lower Maintenance Cost

All the ranges of Karndean Vinyl are maintenance free. These flooring options are impact resistant and scratch resistant and with monthly cleaning, you can keep the floors in optimal condition without any maintenance. The brand also delivers some of the best durable floorings like Opus Argen which comes with lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and this flooring option also makes your floor look attractive.

To keep the cost of flooring down is the primary focus of all commercial establishments and Karndean Tiles facilitate it by delivering some of the best range of flooring options at a reasonable rate and low maintenance cost. It demands minimal cleaning and maintenance as it keeps the dirt and grime away.

Most of the Karndean Vinyl options come with superior grade surface treatment which can maintain the floor luster for years to come and this also indicates that the floor demands for very minimal monthly or yearly cleaning and maintenance. Besides, the company also offer 20 years of warranty which adds to the cost-benefit of this flooring option.     

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