A 2019 Introduction To Office Space For Rent In New Zealand

New Zealand has to have one of the best business landscapes. It is hard to argue with working in a warm business environment that is characterised by being relaxed and having great respect for others. Not to mention the ample opportunities for business.

Even finding office space in New Zealand is not a difficult feat. From the trendy coworking spaces to your standard conventional office, professionals looking can office space for rent in the country. Office space for rent – Servcorp New Zealand, for example – comes in all varieties, and businesses only need to do a little research or find a great commercial real estate agent, to walk in on some great deals.

Continue reading to learn more about the various office spaces available in New Zealand this year.

Major Considerations In Calculating Rent

When looking to rent space in any of New Zealand’s business centres, one thing you should know is how rent is calculated. Rent is usually calculated by the square per metre, and a general rule of thumb is that occupants plan for 10-12 squares per metre for each person occupying the space. Then, tenants have to subtract the amount of square metres for all of your furnishings from the total squares per metre. There are other considerations when looking at how rent is calculated. Of course, location is a major factor, but the condition and age of the property, surrounding tenants, and amenities can also influence the price of rent in a building.

Location, Location, Location 

Business is booming in many of New Zealand’s major cities. Auckland and Wellington are two of its most industrious cities, and they bring a lot to businesses in terms of providing them with a diverse business landscape to start their ventures. Start-ups and smaller businesses are finding that they can actually afford to move into the larger cities because there is more variety, and while rents in the city tend to be higher, there are alternative spaces that can be rented. Ultimately, prospective businesses should be prepared to pay more in office rents the closer they move into the CBD, but even in this area, there is a way to get valuable space at a premium cost.

Office Types

As stated previously, there are all types of office spaces, and businesses do not have to necessarily go with the typical office lease. In fact, coworking has been around forever, and it works best for businesses with fewer staff members. Pretty much, the coworking space provides businesses with a platform for networking, and it is a fluid plan that has a lot of versatility.

The virtual office operates similarly in that it provides business with access to suitable office space on an as-needed basis, but it does not require businesses to pay for office space every day of the month. The serviced office simply provides your business with the requisite internet connection, and you are free to build your office online. This is another plan that provides businesses with a lot of flexibility without the added responsibility of managing an office and support staff.

If you must have a conventional office but the conventional lease is too much for your budget, consider an executive suite as an alternative. The executive suite provides businesses with a fully-furnished office and support staff needed to run a business. It is one of the cheapest, hassle-free ways to lease space in larger CBDs.

Office Space New Zealand 2019 

Finding space in New Zealand’s eclectic business landscape is simple if you are looking to step out of the box. From the very unconventional to the very conventional, you can find yourself working in a warehouse or atop any one of its major city’s skyscrapers. In these offices, you can spend your days toiling away, networking, and innovating the next big invention.

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