7 Tried & Tested WordPress Plugins For Ad Placement

Advertising campaigns are one of the most important parts of any website promotion. Initially, there was no simple method to setup ads in WordPress aside from editing the code directly. But now there are tons of great plugins which can be used to manage ad inventories effectively and efficiently. With these ad management plugins, it has become pretty easy to create, track and manage advertising campaigns for the site. Unfortunately, not all WordPress advertising plugins were created equal, so you have your work cut out for you when it comes to finding the right one.

Here we have come up with this handy guide that incorporates some of the better ones from the rest. We will be guiding you towards your next plugin, giving you advice and steering you towards the best WordPress advertising plugins wherever they may be. So, just hang in there!


The SwiftAd plugin is fairly new in version 0.5 in terms of writing. And it even acts as a powerful way to manage your display ad inventory with custom rotation, tracking, and ad management. Its key features include:

  • Custom geotargeting
  • Limit date range and total impressions
  • Built-in tracking inside WordPress
  • Simple split testing feature

It may quite interest you to know that SwiftAd being a freemium plugin is is somewhat limited only supporting 10k impressions of ads per month. After that, it definitely requires a monthly billing setup. So, if you run a smaller blog without much traffic, then choose the plugin.


The popular native advertising network has its very own plugin made named Taboola for its current and potential WordPress users. All you need is to have a Taboola account and have your site accepted into the system. Next, you need to enter your publisher ID and the different widget IDs running on your site.

Unfortunately, webmasters are turning to native ads because they generally get higher CTRs and earn more than traditional display banners but Taboola is worth considering as stricter native networks.

Advanced Ads

Another interesting freemium plugin used to handle ad impressions on the website with ease. Besides, being a free plugin, it also comes with optional upgrades which can be added later on to your site. Right from AdSense to Amazon, the plugin is compatible with all networks.

With Advanced Ads, one can target all the typical ad unit sizes and even build responsive placements to fit properly on mobile screens. And its various display options targeting archive pages, certain post types, and content pages(like your homepage) it’s easy enough to run relevant ads without writing a single line of code.

Google AdSense

Created by the folks at BestWebSoft, the plugin turns out to be a bit more detailed in comparison to others. Any WordPress development company would recommend Google AdSense as it offers a very simple user experience for configuring ad spots and connecting to your AdSense account. I personally feel the plugin handles things pretty efficiently and is more well developed.

WP Advertize It

Irrespective of the size of ad blocks that you are running or where you want them to be placed, the WP Advertize IT plugin can be a better alternative to the official AdSense plugin as it can work with Google publisher accounts easily. It may quite interest you to know that the plugin has the potential to set up self-promo blocks rotated alongside your advertising scripts where one can include their own banner ads featuring any kind of promotion, starting from your own WordPress themes to affiliate programs.

It has in-post support with many popular ad placements inside the content.

  • After first paragraph
  • Before last paragraph
  • Middle of page
  • Before post comments
  • Directly below page title

Moreover, you can even insert ads into your posts using shortcodes in case if you want them to appear in a very specific location. On and all, the plugin can be placed in “ease of use” category which makes it one of the best choices for non-technical WordPress users.

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Rotation scripts are pretty much huge as they allow you run across multiple networks with ease. This is a completely free plugin that supports all major ad networks like AdSense and Doubleclick/DFP.

Here you get all the real time stats in your dashboard to see which adverts are getting the most clicks & impressions. Most of the companies choose this way to learn which areas of the page perform better than others. Like many other plugins this one does have a pro version, but if you are just rotating through a few ad placements you really won’t need it. Moreover, it comes with so much free functionality like page/post targeting that it should work perfectly fine on its own.

Trivia, Polls, Advertising & More

This is actually an advertising plugin especially meant for website owners who want to increase revenue through a myriad of different techniques. The plugin was developed to run on dozens of big sites like The Atlantic. Where each custom poll/trivia question is managed on the backend connecting into your database so this offers a great way to increase interaction among users.

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