5 Ways To Relax This Weekend

Is it Friday, yet?

If it feels like the weekend will never come, then it’s time for a break. If you feel worn, frazzled, and in desperate need of Saturday, then it’s high time you took some official time off and spent it relaxing. If you spent the last few weekends running errands or worrying about work, then you need some serious break time. If you’re in need of relaxation, one of the following ideas might be just right for you.

Binge Watch

If you need to forget that people exist, draw the curtains, and check out–then a weekend day of binge watching might be right for you. While you might still see friends during the day, you can binge watch all night and officially take a break from reality. While we recommend getting sunlight at some point, a movie or TV show marathon could be the kind of break you’re looking for.

Take a Trip

Vacations are good for you. If it’s been too long since you packed up a suitcase and headed for the hills, then this weekend might be your chance. A weekend trip doesn’t have to cost much money, especially if you can camp. Plus, camping can put you near other great attractions, like The Mill Casino Hotel & RV Park in North Bend, OR.

Hang Out

If you feel like work has been getting in the way of your family and friend time, then maybe this weekend is the weekend to catch up. You might schedule a board game night, host a swimming party, or get coffee with your core group. Relaxing with friends is one of the best ways to spend your weekend, especially because social time is important for your emotional wellbeing.

Pick Up a Craft

One of the best ways to de-stress is to pick up a project. If it’s been days, weeks, or even decades since you made some art… well, no wonder you’re stressed out. Art has a calming, grounding effect, so even if you don’t have a talented bone in your body, you can still benefit from the effects of art. Pick up a good craft, like quilting or making a birdhouse. Worried about making a mess? You can actually find your sewing or vacuum needs (for all that sawdust) online. You won’t have to add too much clean-up time into your schedule!

Head to the Park

Nature has a lot of power to soothe–why else do people listen to sound effects while they study and sleep? If it’s been too long since you headed into the great outdoors, felt the wind, and smelled some green stuff, then this weekend might be the perfect time to head to the park. Pack a picnic, a book, or just lie under a tree and let your mind wander. Some peaceful “nothing” might be the perfect way to spend your Saturday.

Whether it’s nature, art, friends, stories, or adventure, find something to look forward to this weekend. Your stress-cure can be tailored to suit your needs, so decide on an outlet and start relaxing. The weekend is practically here.

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