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3 Effective Ways To Stop Intruders Using Home Security Devices

One of the top concerns for homemakers is the security and safety a house offers to them and their properties. With the way these bad guys move nowadays, it appears that just using simple door locks will not do the trick anymore.

There are several home security devices you can install to secure your house from intruders. Security devices are readily available for installation to your yard, front and back doors, windows and garage doors. Check the three rules below and stop thieves in their tracks.

Always Maintain Visual

Knowing that you have a full view of your house gives you a sense of security. Invest in security devices that will give you a chance to monitor every critical portion of your house.

There are now wireless security cameras available in the market that you can install in strategic locations. With these, you get to avoid using clumsy cables to connect these hidden cameras to a central memory location, which means you get to avoid drilling unnecessary holes on your walls. Heck, wireless surveillance cameras will actually give you more than just being able to avoid drilling holes on your walls.

First, surveillance cameras will enable you to either check on your house real-time or record a footage of possible break-ins that you can submit to the police or to the insurance company as valuable evidence. Not only will you be able to check for burglars infiltrating your residence, but you can also check if the baby in the kiddie room is alright.

3 Effective Ways To Stop Intruders Using Home Security Devices

Next, the mere sight of a security camera outside your home may deter would-be thieves from sneaking into your residence. There are even dummy surveillance cameras available in the market for a fraction of the cost of an actual security camera. It is recommended to use a combination of visible, hidden and dummy cameras to confuse intruders and force them to move elsewhere.

Finally, adding cameras and peepholes may save your life since you may check first before opening a door or gate. All the security devices you have set-up will be put to waste if you will personally and unsuspectingly open the door to robbers. Surveillance cameras will help you check for potential threats before you open the door to a visitor.

Let Security Devices Do the Trick

There are currently a lot of automated home security devices in the market which will fit your every need. You can either have them professionally installed or you could opt to go with DIY security devices.

Motion-activated lights installed in your front yard will catch your home intruders definitely off-guard and will bring them into full view of your neighbors and your surveillance cameras, especially if these lights are carefully positioned to cover all possible points of entry.

Automated alarm devices come in many variants, depending on the location you want to secure. There are available options for windows, doors, gates, garage doors and even indoor appliances. These gadgets will detect motion, vibration and even body heat and will react in different ways when activated.

One such device is a smart socket, which will turn on selected appliances or lamps to fool the intruder into thinking that the homeowner is present. There is even a TV simulator device that will mimic TV glare and sounds when turned on.

Many of these alarm devices, like door locks, window alarms, shed sensors and even door stoppers, can set off an ear-shattering sound that can be heard to as far as a block away when triggered. Once the alarm goes off, it can only be deactivated by a code the owner keys in on the keypad, or through a smartphone app. The deafening alarm sound will surely send intruders into panic and will alert neighbors and the police of the attempted break-in to your house.

Synchronize Your Home Security System

With the kind of technology there is today, you don’t need to drill unwanted holes on your house walls to interconnect your home security devices. Being able to synchronize these devices is to your advantage, as it will pack a mean punch to intruders trying to case your house.

There are mobile apps available that will let you control all your security devices at a touch of your smartphone. This will help you manage your home security needs – from reminding you that you forgot to close your door before you leave home, or receiving notifications about the access attempts done on your door lock.

Automating these gadgets will also give you an option to deactivate them at a touch of a button. You can even opt to set the start and end times for turning their security features off. This is especially helpful whenever you forget to activate your security devices, since they will automatically get activated within a specific period of time.

Acquiring these security assets will surely keep you calm and secure, knowing that you are in full control of your house. Start investing on these devices now.

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