20 Years Of Destiny’s Child

One of the biggest girl bands of the last twenty years, Destiny’s Child brought us such hits as Survivor, Say My Name and Bootylicious. 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of the band’s first ever hit – No, No, No – and the band’s most famous member, Beyonce, shared photos of the band in the recording studio as teenagers to mark the occasion.

Although the line-up of the band changed a lot during its first few years, the core members since the group hit the big time remained Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – who is represented by MN2S music agents London.

The band formally disbanded in 2006, when they played a farewell show at the NBA All-Star Game but have reunited several times over the years at live shows and to provide cameos in each other’s solo projects.

20 Years Of Destiny’s Child

Often compared to fellow female singing group The Supremes, Destiny’s Child have become R&B icons and remain one of the most popular all-black, all-female singing groups of all time.

Daisy Jones, writing in Dazed Digital in 2015 explored the significant impact on R&B music made by the group, saying: “Without a hint of rose tint, Destiny’s Child legitimately transformed the sound of R&B forever… their distinct influence can be found peppered all over today’s pop landscape.”

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