What to do with a Loved One’s Ashes

Burying a loved one is among the hardest things that anyone can do. The loss can deeply affect one’s emotions, as the feeling of emptiness is hard to overcome and can take time. Furthermore, individuals facing the loss of a close family member or friend have many decisions to make, including what to do with the body. While some people opt for burial funerals, others opt for cremation services. The best thing is to honor the person’s wishes; however, these conversations are not easy and may have been something that was not discussed. The next best thing is to talk to those closest, such as children and siblings, and reach a consensus. If individuals involved in the decision-making process decide on cremation, make sure to select a reputable company to handle the service, such as Legacy Funeral Services, who provide cremation services in New Jersey.

One of the most popular choices is to use a cremation urn. These are relatively inexpensive and provide a way of keeping the ashes close. Moreover, these products are easy to obtain online, and the deceased can be remembered by being interred in an urn that they would have enjoyed and be honored to be placed in. Some of these choices may include favorite colors while others may be based on a favorite sports team. Many sports fans would love to be placed in an urn decorated by their team’s colors or logo, and some companies specialize in these types of products. The idea is to pay tribute to the deceased in a way the recalls positive memories.

Some mourners choose to honor the dead more artistically and creatively. Artist can use ashes to create a portrait or a painting or use the ashes to create cremation art, which includes projects that use glass and other materials. Other creative ideas can be directed toward a more natural approach. For example, loved one’s ashes can be turned into a tree, which is highly symbolic: trees are a symbol of life.

Another economical idea that individuals often use is to bury the ashes. One main advantage of this option is that it is environmentally friendly, and plots of land used to handle this option are less expensive. Alternatively, loved ones can be placed in a cremation niche, also known as a columbarium. These are large monuments where people store remains and are generally located in churches or cemeteries. These options are excellent for individuals who would like to have the remains in a place that they can frequently visit. Furthermore, many religions allow these options, making such burials a choice that honors a person’s faith.

An often-used option is to scatter the remains in places where the loved one enjoyed going. For example, some people pay respects to their loved one by scattering the ashes in the ocean or in other bodies of water. Others prefer significant sites, such as a forest or a national park. This, however, can be tricky, as certain places require permission. Make sure to consult with the organization or entity that manages the site where the scattering is to take place and seek consent to conduct the activity. Some places, such as Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, have requirements for handling the ashes but provide users an easy way to navigate the paperwork and pay homage to the departed.

Each person pays respect to their loved ones in a manner that is significant. Therefore, no idea is right or wrong. The basis of handling ashes is to honor and to remember those lost and provide the last homage as a sign of love and respect. Be creative and respectful to wishes and keep in mind what the person loved and cherished.

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