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The Homeowner Property Care Guide

Have you noticed that there are elements of your home that need to be repaired or refurbished? It is important that you make a move quickly. Property problems will only become worse the longer they are left.

If you unsure how you can identify a problem or treat it, they first step if for you to hire qualified surveyors who can come to your home to conduct an inspection. From there they will be able to create a report which plans the schedule for any necessary work.

Property Care

There are a number of treatments which property care experts can perform. From dry rot to damp, a property surveyor has the ability to correctly identify an individual treatment which will eradicate the problem from your property.


If you find an infestation of woodworm in your home, there are two things a property care expert can do to treat the problem.

Due to the small, camouflaged appearance of Woodworm, they can be tricky little pests to find. When treating the problem, it is important that you clear the whole infection from your home.

The first step in this process is a survey of your home by a property care expert. A surveyor will calculate the extent of the problem and will determine if the infestation is currently active. Once this has been established, the experts will get rid of the woodworm and repair the damage that the pests have caused.

Damp Proofing Glasgow

It is extremely common for British properties to suffer from some kind of damp during their lifetime. Damp can spread quickly and develop into more serious problems such as mould. If the damp in your property is left untreated, it could potentially damage the structure and fabric of your home.

There are a number of causes which can lead to structural dampness, however, the most common cause is the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a building. The two most common forms of damp are Rising damp and penetrating damp. Rising Damp is caused by moisture rising up brick or masonry walls from the ground. Penetrating Damp enters a property through the roof, the walls, the pointing, and even the sub ground areas of a property.

Damp proofing Glasgow say that if you do notice any damp spots, watermarks, growths of mould or strange smells in your property, it may have a damp problem. Another tell-tale sign is damage to timber or plaster.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is something that you may not have came across before. If you are a homeowner, it is important that you keep an eye out for it. Dry rot is a wood-destroying fungus that can damage the structure of a property.

Dry rot can be extremely harsh on wooden surfaces and it also has the ability to destroy timbers.

One way you can manage the spread of dry rot it to inspect any areas of timber in your property, looking for any changes to its appearance.

There are many signs of infestation, one is that the wood may change the colour. It is important to also look out for wood that has shrunk, darken and crack.

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