Seeking Comfort in January

Christmas is our celebration of comfort and plenty in the depths of the winter. Unfortunately the festivities end on the 1st of January and it’s then that you look ahead and realise there’s still three months of winter at least to endure until Spring starts to make itself known.

With the official time of plenty and good food over with, and everyone grimly facing down their new year’s resolutions, you need to raise your spirits by seeing through the remaining winter in some comfort.


With less than half the day in daylight until April (when the average tips over the 13 hours of daylight a day), your mood demands some supplement. SAD lamps are now widely available, but particularly good for your mood are the sunrise simulator alarm clocks now available. These wake you with a gentle dawning effect over the course of half an hour, giving you time to wake naturally and gradually rather than with the sudden shock of your alarm.

The wave lengths in the simulated sunlight do much to enhance your mood and health that standard electronic light doesn’t, so if you suffer in the winter, then looking into a SAD lamp, physically and speculatively is the right thing to do.

Comfortable Clothes

With the disappointing weather shutting down plans for outside adventures you’re going to have to make sure your interior life is a comfortable, stimulating one. Make sure you’ve got a wardrobe fit for some indoor lounging, with comfortable men’s Slydes a more fashionable alternative to slippers.

Having some separate, dedicated loungewear is a vital psychological step: spending the day in your pajamas can feel depressing, and leave you feeling awkwardly unready for bed, as you’ve robbed yourself of part of the evening ritual that tells your body to start winding down.

Laying in a loungewear wardrobes means you have that all important psychological ramp up of getting up and getting ready for the day, as well as relaxing in the evening, but you dress into clothes perfectly designed for staying indoors in the maximum of comfort.


If you get most of your exercise by running or walking outside, you’ll find winter hard on your health, physical and mental. You’re going to have look further to get your fix of fitness or go into endorphin withdrawal.

Joining a gym isn’t for everyone – especially because of the expense. Swimming, however, might be the answer: swimming memberships to leisure centres a frequently cheaper than the access all areas pass, and it retains the simplicity and solitary charms of running, so you can keep fit and healthy through the cold, dark winter months.

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