Is He Worth Your Affection? Tell-tale Signs You Can’t Ignore

In the age of tinder hook-ups and social media dating, it is difficult to find someone who is seriously committed to you.

Does he really like me? Is this just a fling? Is he even worth it? Every woman, irrespective of her age and culture, has had these doubts creeping up in her mind at some point in time.

Reading men’s interests in you might be a struggle and over thinking only makes it worse.

Here is a list of some tell-tale signs that you need to look out for to save yourself from future heartbreak. The sooner you recognize these signs and accept them, the better off you are:

He Isn’t Affectionate

Physical intimacy and closeness is an important part of any relationship. Now, most guys aren’t overly affectionate.

Rarely would a guy want to discuss his feelings. Some men aren’t into PDA or excessively mushy stuff.

However, if your man refrains from occasionally holding your hands or moves away from your hugs and kisses like you’re contagious or something then that might be a problem.

He Doesn’t Really Care About Your Preferences

There’s nothing worse than not knowing whether a guy is interested in you or not. The situation can get pretty ugly real quick.

A guy who loves a woman respects her opinions and notices all the little things about her. The biggest sign you should look out for is when your man is distracted or seems to ignore your preferences.

Your opinions, likes, dislikes, ideologies don’t really matter to him. Best dump that jerk, you don’t need that kind of negativity in life.

He Takes You For Granted

The worst thing that a man can do in a relationship is to take his lady for granted.

If you feel like your partner is coercing you into doing things you don’t really want just because it’s convenient for him then that’s a huge red flag.

He’s checking out other girls when hanging out with you, doesn’t include you in his plans, and doesn’t really call you unless he needs something?

Yep, they are all signs that he’s just not into you girl and that you need to cut him off.

He Makes You Question Your Worth

Do you feel safe, secure warm and loved around your partner?

Or does he end up making you question your self-worth?

Remember, it’s not love if you’re humiliated, unhappy, depressed and feeling terrible about yourself.

A real man respects cherishes and appreciates his woman. Don’t stay in love with the wrong person; get your confidence back, and be the queen you deserve to be.

The Bottom Line

Accepting the simple fact that the relationship is not working and cutting the person off can bring about a big change in your life. It hurts like hell, but at the end of the day that’s what is best for you.

Understand your worth, learn to love and appreciate yourself, only then can you truly love another person.

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