How to Vacuum your Car Interior Effectively?

In spite of taking utmost care of your car, you will notice that dust always finds a way to settle down into its interiors. Cleaning your car interiors is of utmost importance because you end up inhaling the dust when you go on a long drive. The fact that people use air-conditioning in their cars further traps all the dust within leaving no outlet to expel it.

Normally, people take care to clean the exteriors of the car before they go for a drive. They do not pay attention to the interiors. This is also an important aspect of car maintenance. You need a vacuum cleaner of good quality to do the job effectively. Vacuuming the car interiors is the most effective way to eliminate this dust. Let us take a look at the procedure in brief.

  • Select the apt vacuum cleaner: Choose the best vacuum cleaner for this job. Your car interiors are different from your home upholstery items with more narrow crevices. You need a special type of attachment and a greater deal of flexibility in the vacuum cleaner. A special wet-cum-dry vacuum cleaner is the best one for your car. Check out the vacuum cleaner price before ordering one online. You can choose from a variety of vacuum cleaners.
  • Keep the car doors open: Leave all the car doors open as you need to manoeuvre your vacuum cleaner at different angles inside your car and make sure your vacuum cleaner is flexible enough to turn around. You need to keep all the doors open so that you have free space to move around.
  • Clear the trash manually: Remove the bigger trash items manually. You will find a lot of paper slips such as toll and fuel receipts, paper cups, plastic pouches, water bottles, etc. Remove them manually before using the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the floor mats: The first thing to do is to remove the floor mats. These are the parts where you can expect to find the maximum amount of dust. Vacuum clean them separately. Dust can also find way beneath these mats. Your vacuum cleaner extension should have thin nozzles to penetrate the interior parts of your car.
  • Use vacuum brush and bristles: The vacuum cleaner brush attachment is best suited for cleaning the seats and other areas of the car interiors. The bristles can stir up the dust for the suction to take place easily.
  • Use a flexible attachment to clear debris: Debris can collect in the seat crevices, on the seat track rails, and underneath the pedals. A flexible attachment to reach the most difficult of corners is necessary for doing an effective job.
  • Stir up the dust: Use compressed air to stir up the dust from the inaccessible places. You can get these cans from supermarkets. Using a vacuum cleaner with a blowing arrangement is useful as it will help stir up the dust. This requires a special type of vacuum cleaner. Higher the vacuum cleaner price, more are the attachments.
  • Vacuum the AC vents carefully: The dashboards and AC vents are important areas where dust can settle down comfortably. Be a little careful while vacuuming these parts because you can end up leaving scratches on the display panels.
  • Clean the Trunk area: Do not forget to clean the trunk area. Open the bonnet and use your vacuum cleaner to remove dust from inaccessible areas. This can improve the overall performance of the car.


An apt vacuum cleaner will effectively clean your car interiors. Therefore, it is important to choose to invest in an effective vacuum cleaner. The right vacuum cleaner prices could vary as they come in with various attachments ideal for cleaning car interiors.  This will help save a lot of unnecessary expenses in the future.

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