How to Make Friends Through Rummy?

The most common and most loved card game in India is also the best way to make new friends or to assess your existing friends. So, how to make friends through rummy is something many people ask. Here we have listed out some simple ways to make friends by playing rummy online or offline:

Meet Up at A Rummy Club

A rummy club is a great place to make new friends. Most modern rummy clubs are set up with a view to bring together all rummy fans under one roof. These clubs also provide tea, snacks and a proper ambience to play a hand of rummy. If you join a rummy club, you are sure to make a few good friends who are experts at rummy.

Make Friends on KhelplayRummy

Khelplayrummy is an online site dedicated to all the rummy players. You can play rummy online for free just by creating an account on Khelplayrummy. You may also download the app to play rummy card game on the mobile phone or tab. You can befriend card player on this site for future game sessions offline.

Make New Friends at Rummy Events

Another great avenue to build your friend network is by attending rummy events. These events are often organised by hotels, modern cafes, malls and enterprising industries with the hope for making a little profit. Joining such events will give you a chance to meet many more rummy players who are equally enthusiastic and skilled in the game.

Know Your Friends Better Through Rummy

It is true that rummy gives you an opportunity to make new friends. Apart from this, it also helps you assess your existing friends to know whether they are good enough. The game helps you see your friends beyond what they show. You get to know how your friends think and how they handle life. Here are simple opportunities to assess your friends:

Do They Cheat?

In regular lives, it is difficult to assess whether a person has the right morals or integrity. However, in card games, such hidden traits may show themselves. One rule that governs life in general is that people who lack integrity cheat everywhere. Some cheat for the fun of it but most do it for their own gains. If you observe that your friends at the rummy table are cheating just to win, it is best to be wary of such people. They may cheat in real life too when they think it helps them.

Do They Have Organising Skills?

A good player of rummy is sure to possess good organising skills. When you learn how to play rummy, one of the first things you learn is to arrange and organise the cards in your hand. They need to be arranged properly in the form of sequences or melds. The one who manages to make all the sequences and melds soon enough wins the game. You can know of friends who possess good organising skills if they manage to play the game well enough.

Are the Friends Intelligent?

Intelligence is another important aspect required to play the game well. You need to possess the intelligence and intuition to plan your next move based on your opponent’s each move. People who have the common sense to see why the opponent has disposed a certain card sees how to win the game sooner.

Rummy is definitely fun but the game has much more to it. Keep the company of good rummy players and know these facets.

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