How To Get More Real Instagram Followers

Whether you are targeting more likes or more interaction on your posts, what you need is more followers. The more the followers you have, the more people will see your posts and like them and the more the shares you will get. The problem, however, is that buying proxy followers will not cut it. You need to build your following organically if you are interested in real interactions and a boost in search engine ranking. Below are some of the things you should consider doing to get more followers.

Cross-Promote Dedicated Hashtags

Creating a catchy hashtag for your company is not enough. You need more people to learn about it so that they can promote your content using it. In addition to having it on your profile, you also need to use it on all other areas including your websites and offline. You can print your hashtag on receipts, print ads and signage and use it in all relevant events. Cross-promoting your hashtag will not only create awareness and curiosity but also help your customers know what to use when promoting content about you.

Participate in the Popular Conversations

There is no better way of making your brand known than through participation in massively popular conversations. Search for the trend and super-popular hashtags and participate in them. The idea is to be as loudas possible on social media. Being in more popular hashtags will greatly boost your visibility. Don’t just focus on the specific hashtags which use long-tail keywords. You should also use the universally trending hashtags such as #tbt, #fun or #instagood. Participating in the popular conversations will give you a louder voice.

Change Up Your Bio URL

Another method you should consider using to get more real Instagram followers is to make the most of the bio URL. The mistake most marketers make is that of sticking with just one bio URL which points to their website’s homepage forever. Yes you may have an inspiring web design but your website alone will not cut it in the competitive market of online marketing. A great strategy you should use is that of changing up the bio URL at least twice a week. The clickable link in the bio can be used to drive traffic to your popular or newest content. That way, you will not bore your followers away.

Use Descriptive Captions

You are probably familiar with the phrase a picture is worth a thousand words. What you may not already know is that search engines still cannot understand images. Yes, facial and object recognition is available but it is not enough. You should borrow a leaf from National Geographic’s Instagrampage. They use great storytelling alongside their photos for more engagement and sharing. You want to give detailed descriptions in your caption. This will not only boost engagement and sharing but it will also boost your search engine rankings.

A lot more can be done to generate more followers on Instagram. The aforementioned points are meant to get you started on the right foot. Never assume that you know enough. Keep learning.

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