Embrace The Indo-Fusion Menswear Trend and Do It Right

The sartorial choices for men can often seem limited. While some men reconcile with the (ostensible) mundaneness in fashion, several others seek versatility and exciting options in men’s fashion.

Designers like Thom Browne and Craig Green have been pushing the envelope for men’s fashion and making things interesting, but there is a whole lot you can experiment with to stir things up.

One of them is to try the Indo-fusion look. This look is the coming together of Western and South-Asian fashion elements, primarily Indian.

While this look is guaranteed to make you look dapper and stand out in the crowd, it comes with a lightly-defined set of rules as well.

In this post, we decode these rules for you and tell you how to rock the Indo-fusion look every single time.

Pick Clean Silhouettes

The key tip to remember when donning the Indo-fusion look is to not wear overpowering or overwhelming silhouettes. If you are planning to wear a pair of Jodhpuri pants, make sure the garment you wear over it is well-fitted and structured. A loose shirt or an oversized pullover will not do anything to highlight this look.

Similarly, if you are wearing a bandh-gala (closed neck) blazer, team it with pants that have a sharp fall.

The shoes can make or break an Indo-fusion outfit. While regular formals like Oxfords and Derbys will cut a sharp picture, opt for the quintessential fusion footwear of chappals or sandals to ace the casual Indo-fusion look.

Tap into the Magic of Kurtas, Kotis, and Nehru Jackets

Kurtas are loose tunics worn by men in India. They’re usually knee-length and made from cotton, linen, jute, and a variety of other fabrics. They look extremely stylish when worn with a pair of denims or khaki pants.

The loose, flowing silhouette ensures that you stay uber comfortable. Team a kurta with a svelte jacket and denims to look effortlessly charming or raise the style bar by sporting a well-fitted, embellished kurta in rich fabrics like velvet or jute for a formal dinner party.

If the kurta seems like a longshot to you, take baby steps towards the Indo-fusion trend by sporting a koti or Nehru jacket. A koti is the close cousin of the waistcoat. It is longer and less fitted than a waistcoat. The Nehru jacket is more formal and crisp and adds a dash of formality to your casual wear.

You can find them at any Indian garment shop or online stores. They come in a variety of fabrics, colors, textures, prints, and cuts. Invest in one or two of them to lend an easy appeal to any of your looks. It’s also perfect for those early spring months when you need slight layering to look and feel good.

Accessorize Wisely

Wearing an embellished shawl that wraps your torso, a paisley print scarf or muffler around your neck, a gold/silver ring on your finger, or just a pierced ear, there are multiple ways of bringing on the bling and turning a simple regular look into the fascinating Indo-fusion look. If you are the more adventurous type, you can also experiment with multiple finger rings, sporting an intricate chain around your neck, or donning an artistic bracelet on your wrist.

Put Your Royal Foot Forward

If you thought Indian footwear is restricted to a pair of chappals, think again. Exquisite Indo-fusion footwear is waiting to be noticed and grabbed by you. Invest in a pair of jutis or mojris to complement a tuxedo. These intricately-designed close-toed shoes are a reminder of the regal splendor of the erstwhile Indian Maharajas. They are adorned with patchwork, antique embroidery, and iconic embellishments that will immediately make you feel like royalty.

A word of caution, though, jutis/mojris are not everyone’s cup of tea. So, invest in them only after you have tried them and feel confident that you can pull them off. You can also check out the Sabyasachi-Christian Louboutin collection for some Indo- fusion shoe inspiration. The collection blends the opulence of India’s erstwhile Maharajas with European austerity. It’s the perfect example of the fusion of Western and Eastern sensibilities.

Play around with Indian Motifs and Embroidery

The simplest way to infuse an Indo-fusion touch into your wardrobe is by wearing South-Asian prints and colors. Think bright instead of the safe white. Throw on a white shirt with some embroidery on it, or just pick a red or an orange one.

Go for innovative necklines. Invest in shirts, kurtas, and jackets in paisleys, ikkats and other ethnic prints and patterns. Team them with a pair of well-fitting trousers or comfortable loose pants. You will make a style statement through and through, and rock the Indo-fusion look like no one else.

To Conclude

If you are serious about making 2017 a stylish year for you, Indo-fusion is one trend you should catch up on. Follow the tips above, browse online for some inspiration, and let your poise and style stand out this year.

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