4 Tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair translates into a healthier life. Your hair reflects your personal style and your general well-being, and you want it to look good every day. Whether you have a daily routine or are just looking for some ideas to up your hair game, here are four tips to make your hair shine.

1. Use Quality Hair Products

There are thousands of hair products on the market these days, which is great for everyone. You can find the perfect product for your hair type, whether you have thick, curly locks,  fine, straight hair, luscious, shiny waves, or any other combination. Your hair is unique to you. And what if you can’t find that perfect product? Not to gear. Customizable shampoo and conditioner options abound, such as the Function of Beauty brand. You can decide everything from the ingredients (customized to your hair type) to the scent and even the color. A great option for those who want that extra something special in their hair care routine.

2. Dry With Care

You’ve probably toweled your hair dry after stepping out of the shower — it seems like the natural step to rid excess water from your tresses after the final rinse, right? But you might be giving your hair a rough time. Cotton towels create friction against the hair when rubbed vigorously, which can cause damage to the hair follicles. A better solution is to let your hair air-dry naturally for the most part, and then finish up with a hair drier.

If your hair is fragile or heat-sensitive, you might also consider trying an ionic hairdryer. What is it? Ionic driers utilize negative ions to counteract the water’s positive ions, repelling water droplets faster without as much heat, which can lead to brittle follicles.

3. Detangle With Care

If you have longer hair, you’ve probably endured the pain and frustration of tangles: Hair strands get knotted up around elastic scrunchies, tangled from activity, or mysteriously tie themselves together while you sleep. Just trying to work a comb through those pesky knots can be a chore — and you never want to tug or yank the brush through your hair, as that will cause damage.

Don’t try to detangle your hair when it’s still wet. This will cause breakage and worse tangling. Look into a wide-toothed soft bristle comb to work out tangles, and utilize detangler products or formulated oils to help brush your hair out — without the pain.

4. Moisturize and Hydrate

Drinking enough water every day is good for your body and health — and your hair. But sometimes your hair needs a little extra love to stay hydrated and healthy. If you have dry hair, using a moisturizing product can help keep brittle ends from breaking or your hair from looking limp or overly frizzy. If you’re not sure what brand or type of moisturizer is best, consult with a hair specialist.

Taking care of your hair is an ongoing task, but keeping your hair healthy is worth it — no matter what your style.

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