Virtual Private Network (VPN)- Why Everybody Needs It?

If you are a serious and regular internet user, using a VPN (virtual private network)  is a must for you. Here are a few reasons why every internet user must have a VPN.

  • It ensures security through privacy

Using a VPN gives you security by covering up your identity. Normally, when you use the internet, your IP address is exposed to everyone on the internet. However, when you access the Internet through the VPN, it is the VPN’s address that is seen by everyone, and your IP address remains hidden. This casts a safety net over your identity and thus allows you to browse as you please without fearing that someone may steal your identity.

  • Avoid eavesdropping even while using public internet connections

Before you happily use the free-one-day Wi-Fi at airports or other public places, think again. These public internet connections totally insecure and they offer no encryption of your communications.

 If you are using these connections to send messages or do other personal work, eavesdroppers may hack your personal information or read your messages and emails easily. Using a VPN cuts off this danger and allows you to use even public internet connections in peace.

  • Easily access online TV websites

Are you barred from watching your favourite movie or TV shows on popular sites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora? This is a problem most users face, especially if they live outside the United States. Many TV shows and movies are blocked in other countries, which mean that if you do not live in the US, you may miss out on a lot of popular shows and movies.

VPN offers a solution to this problem. Without a VPN, your IP address automatically gives away your country of origin. However, with VPN, you can manipulate your IP address to make it seem like it is within the US, and thus enjoy your favourite shows unhindered, from anywhere in the world.

  • Bypass restrictive access and censorship

Censorship is the blocking of certain videos deemed not right for the audience to view. This is common, even in “free” countries. Or you may simply work in a place that restricts access to social media sites and various other sites as well.

If you want to access something urgently, but you are barred from doing so by your state or organization, you can use a VPN to “tunnel out” from the restrictive access mode. VPN will also help cloak your internet travelling footprints, so that nobody will be able to trace which websites you are visiting.

Which VPN can you use for the best experience?

Although there are many VPN service providers out there, using Le VPN is highly recommended for an unhindered browsing experience.

Le VPN offers the following attractive features:

  • It allows immediate activation of VPN services and the rates are very affordable: just $4.95 for an all-inclusive plan.
  • It allows you the option of taking up the IP addresses of 114 countries.
  • It allows unlimited speed and data transfer, and comes with HighSpeed Smart DNS so that you can easily watch TV shows online.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of systems—be it Phones, iPads, Android, Mac or Windows. It even has a special iOS VPN app for iPhone and iPad users.
  • If you are dissatisfied, which is highly unlikely, you can claim your money back within a week of purchase.

Use a VPN to enrich your internet browsing experience and explore the online world like never before.

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