Top 9 Must-Follow Mobile App Development Trends In 2018

2017 was a successful year when it comes to the development of mobile app technology. When you check the recent research by Google, you will find that the most downloaded app in 2017 are not the highly popular ones. The list of most downloaded android apps consist of some apps that most of the android users might not have heard about. This encourages various mobile app developers to make use of the newest trends of mobile development and create an outstanding user experience in 2018.

Here, in this article, you will find 9 of those must follow mobile app development trends for the year 2018.

Artificial Intelligence :

Artificial Intelligence is something we all are hearing about since long, but few of us might know about it reality. But, in the year 2018, artificial intelligence will be known for the capability to transform both kind of applications .i.e. Consumer-facing as well enterprise app development into a successful one. Most of the developers take advantage of this technology to enhance the capabilities of mobile application and user experience. Recently, Chatbots are AI-powered tools that have stimulated human conversations.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality :

2017 has brought us a lot about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. ‘Pokemon Go’ is one of the biggest examples of the AR & VR. These days, AR is used by the developers to deliver live view of the real world environment and VR is used to recreate real-life situations or the environment. It is said that the demand of these technologies will increase in the upcoming years as major tech companies have started increasing investment.

VR will mainly be used for game development whereas AR will be used for the development of enterprise apps for almost every industry. In order to provide compelling user experience, most marketers have started using augmented reality. Always remember, marketing of the mobile app is equally important as developing the app.

Blockchain :

Blockchain, a technology that is gaining popularity with a lightning speed as it is the infrastructure behind the Bitcoins. But, Bitcoin is not the only use of this amazing technology. In the year 2018, the technology will be widely used by developers as an incorruptible digital ledger at the time of developing financial apps. For enterprise mobile app development, blockchain will be used by the developers in order to gain enhanced security of the application. Blockchain is one such technology that can further be customized in order to record a huge variety of valuable transactions with better security.

Cloud Integration :

Cloud Computing, a highly used technology for the web apps, but it will even experience rise at the mobile level. With the use of this technology, it becomes easier to store data and complete the process of heavy tasks in mobile. It has been noted that the number of enterprises has been increased in the mobile apps. This technology is preferred highly because of the reliability, speed, and security of mobile apps. It also allows collection, storage and analysis of user data.

The main reason behind the increase in usage of this technology is it enables small businesses and start-ups to launch and manage the mobile apps smoothly.

On-demand Service Delivery :

This is something that has become a very important part of the modern lifestyle, there are a large number of apps used by users these days. On-demand apps for the services like taxi, food delivery, laundry, cleaning, beauty have made the life of people easier and better. The on-demand apps have experienced a massive popularity due to the quick and convenient way it provides to the users. In the year 2017, these have gained maximum attention as well as a huge amount of users. It will be in demand even in the year 2018.

Accelerated Mobile Pages :

Accelerated Mobile Pages is nothing new for the year 2018, but, it will be used maximum now. With the launch of AMP, Google makes it easier for developers to access the web pages on various devices. Various developers leverage this technology to make web pages accessible on various mobile devices and platforms. The major role of this tool is to improve page loading speed and reduce the bounce rate regularly.

Internet of Things :

The Internet of Things is the buzzword since two years now, but it will still be in demand as it can allow non IT devices to remote control, automation and monitoring. Till now, most of the IoT devices only rely on the mobile devices to syndicate data. But, in 2018, it is expected to come with the sync with wearable devices as well. At the same time, the machine to machine communication by IoT will let the developers to create mobile apps with extraordinary user experience.

Wearables :

Wearable apps have created an entirely new tech market, as these devices can offer newest features and also require some support from mobile. Hence, this will be a highly demanded technology to make it easier for users to access the data.

Mobile App Security :

Mobile app security is equally important as mobile app development. This year, mobile app security will be taken to a next level to make the mobile apps even more secure.

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