Motivating Yourself to Complete Dry January

Dry January is becoming more and more popular. It is estimated that even more than the three million people who attempted it last year will be trying to get through the January blues, alcohol free this year. Yet, only two thirds of people say they actually make it to the end of January without alcohol touching their lips. So, here’s a few ideas if you’re finding it hard to complete the challenge this year.

Work out how much money you spend on alcohol on a monthly basis. This alone might be enough motivation to stick to the dry month, after realising just how much money you are quite literally pouring away! But if it isn’t, find something such as a Blood Brother Hoodie, that equates to the amount you’re spending as something to purchase at the end of the month once you have achieved your goal.

Of course, the social aspect is often the hardest part of keeping your dry January vows. Especially if your Friday or Saturday nights at the pub or club is the staple of your social life. If this is the case, then January can be your chance to discover a new hobby, the amount you save from going on these nights out could easily pay for classes in anything from woodwork to salsa. This allows a social aspect to remain, while not basing it around drinking.

If you find that your someone who doesn’t get the amount of time to themselves that they would like to, then this can be a good time to have some solitary alone time, instead of the time you would normally spend at the bar. Perhaps you can finish that book that has been staring at you awkwardly for the last few months, or finally get that box set everyone has been telling you about at work.

If neither of these sound like your thing, and it is still the pub you long for, then it’s time to try and make yourself acquainted with alcohol free alternative. Alcohol free beer is a booming business which means the quality has improved massively over the years. Of course, this can be a risky strategy as the ‘free’ part of your alcohol free order might slip your mind. But if you feel strong willed and determined to go see your friends at the pub, this might be your best bet.

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