How To Use Aloe Vera To Treat Baldness

Hair loss is a serious problem that leads to baldness if you neglect it for longer time. The market has a list of private label hair products that are designed for treating hair loss. But if you want to give a natural treat to your head and strands, you should grow aloe vera at home more. Aloe vera has been applied onto scalp and hair to stimulate the hair growth. It is absolutely safe and affordable remedy that you must try.

If you are getting excess of hair loss, get examined by a doctor. There are multiple reasons for hair loss, including scalp infections, illness, reactions to medications vitamin, or mineral deficiencies along with other medical reasons. Your hair specialist can help find the real cause behind your hair thinning and may be able to provide a simple remedy to combat hair fall.

You can even try aloe vera based products for your hair. You can use aloe vera gel and apply on your scalp to treat areas that are going bald. Aloe vera has an enzyme that helps promote new hair growth for few people. You can apply the aloe vera gel directly to the scalp, as aloe vera is natural and have no side effects.

You can make aloe vera shampoo by combining it with wheat germ oil and coconut milk. This natural homemade shampoo recipe will promote your hair growth. You can use this shampoo as often as you wash your hair.

Aloe vera gel can be applied directly on hair to revitalize the hair and the scalp and to prevent hair loss. When you shed less, your hair grows automatically.

You can get real aloe vera plants from any nursery or garden hub. Harvesting the aloe vera gel is not a big deal. Just slice out a leaf and cut the thorns with knife. Break the leaf from the middle and extract gel.

You can avail wheat germ oil from several retailers in the market. You can even get it from online sites. It is often used as cooking oil.

You can also take the leaves and blend in the grinder without extracting the gel. The leaf itself holds anti bacterial properties and thus, when you apply this whole mask on to the scalp, it will treat dandruff, itchiness, and pimples naturally.

Such features are unavailable with private label hair products. There are limited organic ranges of products that have zero side effects. Try to use more natural products for your hair.

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