How do Amino Acid Supplements Boost your Health?

You may feel strange by hearing the term amino acid but if you take into account its definition, then it is quite straightforward. Small parts of these amino acid molecules form a definite protein’s building blocks. Whenever you consume protein of any kind, your body tends to break it into individual amino acids and later on constitutes them again as per your body’s requirement. The way in which amino acid analysis is done in the laboratories proves the fact that they are the building blocks of proteins and they also play a vital role in promoting health.

Amino acids can positively influence your mood, enhance immunity and reduce stress. As a result, the users should be watchful about what they actually wish to achieve when they consume amino acid. Here are few health benefits of amino acids.

  • They help in building muscles

By the time you reach your middle age, you tend to lose muscles rapidly even though you may engage your body in exercise regularly. Do you wish to counter this loss by taking some supplements? If answered yes, you can take BCAAS or branched-chain amino acids, isoleucine, leucine and valine. Leucine among the three is known to be the best in forming new muscles as found by an analysis of 9 studies. This works even for the seniors.

  • They are used as stress-busters

There is an amino acid called gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA which plays the role of a neurotransmitter which provides you with a feeling of relaxation while boosting your concentration level. You can tune out all sorts o background noises that are distracting. There is a form of amino acid called Theanine which is found in green tea and which enhances the alpha waves of the human brain to reduce anxiety.

  • They uplift your mood

The amino acids, L-tryptophan and 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) are the main building blocks of serotonin, which are the neurotransmitter which safeguards you from depression and anxiety. There are several people who take in amino acid supplements to help boost their mood, disorders and to also treat insomnia.

  • They tone your blood vessels

L-arginine plays the role of a precursor of nitric oxide which is a compound that is good at regulating and toning your blood vessels. For enhancing flexibility of the cardiovascular system, amino acids are necessary as they can lower your blood pressure. Men also need toned blood vessels for erections to function properly and this can help men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. L-arginine can also help in arousal of women.

  • Strengthens your immune

There is another form of amino acid cysteine, N-acetylcysteine or NAC which is yet another building block of glutathione, the main antioxidant of the body. There are other side benefits which include supporting the detox of the liver and functioning of liver.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of taking amino acids, make sure you take into account the above mentioned benefits so that you know what you should expect from them.

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