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10 Fun And Educational Activities For Kids To Do In Mexico

10 Fun And Educational Activities For Kids To Do In Mexico

Finding fun and educational activities for kids when you are vacationing in Mexico is not as difficult as you would think. There are many cities that have a wealth of options for parents looking to keep their kids entertained and learning during the summer months.

Whether you are vacationing in Mexico City, the resort area of Cancun, or the beautiful coastal city of Tulum, you can find great activities that your kids will love. Here are some great options:

Mexico City

1. Universum

UMAN, the leading university in Mexico has created Universum, a place for kids to learn about new science and technology. Kids are taught about health, the universe, sexuality, and recycling in exhibits and fun interactive displays. There are 13 different areas for kids to explore.

2. Six Flags Mexico

For a flat out fun day with the kids, filled with all the excitement that only a top theme park can deliver, visit Six Flags Mexico. The park is aimed at older kids and includes Justice League themed rides, roller coasters and laser tag. The park also has exhibits showing the history of Mexico and its early civilizations. Come early and be prepared to wait in long lines, but the park promises a full day of fun.

3. Acuario Inbursa

Mexico’s richest man Carlos Slim has created an underground aquarium in Polanco, one of Mexico City’s nicest neighborhoods. The attraction features a wide range of sea life including jellyfish, sharks and many exotic fishes, and is both educational and entertaining.

4. El Papalote, Museo del Niño

How about a children’s museum bursting with interactive exhibits and workstations for kids? El Papalote is divided into sections where kids can pretend to work at a supermarket, or join an archaeological dig. They can also create huge bubbles or race cars around a track. There is also an IMAX theatre with films in Spanish. Come early to avoid the crowds. 

Tulum Mexico

5. The Dolphinarium

Tulum is the site of an ancient Mayan city and today ruins from the 13th to 15th centuries still attract tourists from all over the world. It is also a beautiful city that sits on the west coast of the Caribbean Sea with white sand beaches, clear blue water and gentle waves. And at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum Resort, there are great things to do with kids in Tulum. One of them is the Dolphinarium.

The Grand Bahia Resort in Tulum has an area called the Dolphinarium, where kids who are guests can interact with live dolphins. It is both educational and fun, as kids are taught about dolphins and marine life and also get a chance to swim with and feed them. There are dolphin shows and kids can even become a dolphin trainer for the day. This unforgettable experience promises a full day of fun and teaches kids about how important conservation is to preserving wildlife.

6. Children’s Waterpark

The Grande Bahia Principe Tulum has a water park that kids of all ages will enjoy. The park contains several large waterslides and many different pool areas offering a full day of fun for kids. The entire time is supervised by staff so kids can enjoy themselves safely.

7. The Bahia Scouts

The Bahia Scouts is an education and entertainment program for children sponsored by the Grande Bahia Principe Tulum. The program appeals to kids of all ages and gives them a chance to make new friends, explore and learn about nature, and have fun in a structured and safe environment. The resort provides all of the tools needed for kids to participate and uses games and activities to teach.


8. Crococun

This crocodile infested conservative zoo is a popular destination for kids and families who visit Cancun. Once a crocodile breeding farm, Crococun is now a place designed to teach kids about the feared animals, and to understand how to preserve and live alongside them. Kids are also taught about the flora and fauna in the area and get to interact with and feed spider monkeys and of course crocodiles.

9. Xcaret and Mundo de Ninos

This eco-archaeological park might be the most fun kids can have in the city. It features Mexican and Mayan colors, music, nature and culture. Kids can view jaguars, flamingos and manatees and experience the butterfly pavilion, an aviary, aquarium, and even swim with the dolphins. Other activities include floating down a lazy river, climbing a Mayan ruin, and snorkeling. There are sport, dance and music shows throughout the day including night shows.

10. Jolly Roger Pirate Show

How about a 3 ½ hour dinner and show aboard a real pirate ship? The Jolly Roger Pirate Show sails every day at 6:30 PM from Playa Linda Pier and takes families on a tour of the area. During the trip, Pirates fight, dance, and sing in a staged family-friendly extravaganza. Guests get to interact with and take photos with the performers and a hearty meal is served to all. This unforgettable show is certainly one of Cancun’s best.

This is a sampling of the fun and educational kids focused activities you can find in Mexico. No matter which area of the country you visit, your kids will have lots of fun and things to do while they learn.


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