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Hublot Watches: Classic All The Way!

Over the past few years, the world of watches has evolved in step with modern trends. But nothing beats the old classic styles with timeless designs. The dark background with solid gold and silver colors with a vintage aura lingering around the entire compilation – the authenticity of classic elegance is worth the last buck. Hublot watches offer exclusive panache with a touch of classy elements. You can never be too bored or too tired of class now, can you?

Embrace the romantic in you as you walk on the steps of the bygone era, ushering in a new aeon of love for the vintage and antique. These timeless beauties have more than age to offer; they have unlimited grace and a sense of propriety. Brimming with richness and regality, these watches are nowhere near extinction. If anything, their demand is only increasing, with an elevation in the trend for antiquity. Yes, it is an elevation indeed, especially over the past few years. Browse through some of the most splendid collections of Hublot watches at authentic retail outlets such as Ethos Watch Boutiques to see it for yourself.

For a teaser, read on!

1. Hublot Classic Fusion, Model: 581.NO.1181.RX

With a simple yet solid rim of rose-gold, and an elegant dial marked by gold imprints, this watch overflows with grace and vitality. The subtleand prominent studs in the rim only add to the beauty of this fine specimen.

2. Hublot Classic Fusion, Model: 511.NX.2611.LR

For people not satisfied with only gold, there is an enigmatic charm to this model. This particular Classic Fusion watch has a leather belt and an all-silver dial. Colours of this magnificent timepiece amalgamate to provide a mesmerising effect, and there is nothing one can complain about. After all, it is a classical you look you’re going for.

3. Hublot Classic Fusion, Model: 581.NX.1171.RX.1104

There are many who are in love with the classic look, but ache for a little bling in that mixture. Don’t you worry, you have a brilliant choice and this idea struck not just you, but Hublot too! They have come up with a model that screams richness and stature. With its shining rim studded with silver stones and diamonds on an otherwise plain framework, these features not only add to its charm, but also underline sophistication in the entire arrangement.

4. Hublot Classic Fusion, Model: 521.NX.7170.LR

Stepping away from silver and gold, there is another colour in the classic collection – a blazing blue. Hublot makes this extraordinary watch unfurl with simplicity. With two dials within the dial, it is literally a fusion of sorts. Hublot brings a twist to the solid classic look and adds an element of excitement.

5. Hubolt Classic Fusion, Model: 521.CM.1771.RX

There are people who complain about the lack of formal appearance in anything sporty, or vice versa. Well, there is a solution for that, and the solution is this model. Shadowed in a sharp chic black tone, the only colour on this watch is silver, that too, just for the strap. With a dignified pattern on the dial, it is a sight to behold, and an object of great value. Rest assured, it is definitely one of a kind.

Each watch from this collection has one thing in common –a classic appeal. Yet, every model is different and unique. Whether it is the beautiful all-in-black, or the one tinged with blue, they do not disappoint. Embrace sophistication with arms wide open, and wrists wide extended. The vintage style can never go out of vogue and classic watches are here to stay.


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