5 Champion Tips To Help You Start Running

Running is a great exercise that could help you stay fit, be healthier and more energetic. It is very popular and does not demand special equipment. Almost everyone thought to start running at least once in their life, but only a few people actually do it and even less continue training regularly.

Reasons for this might be different: from laziness to discomfort after work-out. If you would like to start running without torturing your body and make it enjoyable, continue reading this article.

Get Ready

One of the best things about running is that it does not demand much equipment. However, having a pair of comfortable shoes and choosing the best running orthotics is obligatory. After exercising in old sneakers your feet will ache and you will never want to run again. Moreover, it may cause an injury.

Do not let the price stop you from buying nice sports shoes. If you put comfort over fashion, it will not be that expensive. You might also need a sports bra and clothes from technical fabrics. All this will greatly reduce discomfort and let you focus on exercising.

Craft the Perfect Route

Tastes are different, but I find it more enjoyable to run outside then on a treadmill if the weather conditions allow doing it. One of the common mistakes of beginners is to open the front door of the house and start running. This way the process is unlikely to be pleasant.

The elevations, buildings, transport and other obstacles will kill your enthusiasm. It is necessary to plan the route deciding whether you prefer pavement or trails, how many inclines will be there etc. It is possible to check out the routes of other people in your area and then create your own.

Start Walking

Running as fast as you can and as long as it is possible during your first workout is nothing more than a common misconception. It is better to start with walking. This will let you try the route and prepare your body for exercise. Eventually, start adding running and increase it a little every further time. A good combination of walking and running will prevent feeling exhausted after a workout. Your body will develop new skills slowly without injuries and stress.

Listen to Your Body

Ignoring pain is not a power of will. It is a way to an injury. Be careful with your body and listen to its signals. A slight discomfort and muscle aches are absolutely normal in the beginning. However, a sharp and persistent pain is a signal to have a rest for a few days. If it does not stop, it might be necessary to see a doctor. To prevent situations like this, take walk breaks whenever you feel like it and do not try to do too much too soon.

Find a Motivation

Nothing will continue too long if there is no goal. It is not obligatory to prepare to run a marathon, but there should be something that motivates you to run. It might be the desire to stay fit, to reduce stress, to become more active. You need to realize why you do it. Create a stimulating workout music mix. Choose a route in a park or any place where you can enjoy the nature.

After running, treat yourself with a smoothie or a hot shower. It might be a nice way to clear your thoughts and have some alone time. On the other hand, it is possible to do it with a friend. Find your personal motivation to make running enjoyable.

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