5 Awesome Tips On How To Combine Your Life, Work, and Study?

In the recent years, a growing number of students are considering pursuing studies while working a job. It is not just a limited to students as employees who are looking for promotions or change of career, are also choosing this option. For one to live a full life, they have to be able to study, work and also have a social life.

We all know all work, and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Even those who are considered as “bookworms” dedicate some of their time to their social life. Besides, one doesn’t learn only from books, practice and experiences shape up to be who we are.

Maybe you have a literature review writing assignment and have to report to work and would also like to meet up with friends, how do you balance the three? Even though it is not possible to reach a balance between them, you can schedule your time in a way that you get satisfaction from all three.

Combining Life, Work, and Study

The below tips will help you have a satisfactory time management as you allocate ample time to your life, work and study:

1. Use the online options

Online options can work either way. You can take online classes if you can’t find time to attend classes during the day. It gives you the chance to schedule your day accordingly. If you are a student who has enrolled for a full-time course but still need help in coming up with adequate finances, many online jobs work well with your schedule.

You can also keep in touch with your classmates using the different social media platforms. Keeping in contact with them will help you remember any looming deadlines or classes that you may have forgotten about.

2. Get Support from those close to you

Choosing to go back to school, after you have a family can be made difficult. You won’t be able to concentrate on your studies without knowing that they are fine the way you left them. Thus, you can discuss with your partner before even applying for a particular program.

Talk about the distribution of responsibilities when you start the program. If they can’t handle it all, you can ask for further assistance from other members of your family and even friends.

3. Learn to prioritize

You should be aware that you will not be able to do everything, all at once. You need to get to prioritize your tasks. Organize your tasks according to priority and start with the highest. If you have the chance to schedule your course according to your work schedule, then, go ahead and do it.

When the work for a particular season or semester is going to be tedious, choose the courses that you can handle with an overwhelming day from work. When the season consists of light tasks, go for the course with a little more difficulty.

4. Work Smart

We always hear the advice, that we should work smart and not hard. When juggling work, studies, and life, you need to apply this in your everyday duties. Take down notes on index cards, that you can use to refer to, later and at anytime and place.

Allocate enough time to go through great review examples, so that you can quickly adjust your schedule in case something that needs your attention pops up. Inform your friends and family about your plan too.

5. Take breaks

Your overall health is of utmost importance. Take care of yourself by giving yourself breaks to help you rejuvenate. If you need to sleep, then, sleep. Go outdoors and take some time off your work and studies.

Have fun, enjoy and let loose. It will help you keep your stress levels in check. Without a healthy body then you won’t be able to perform your best.


Stress is inevitable by you can keep it in check by having time for your social life even as you juggle between studies and work. Reward yourself and learn to prioritize your duties. Hire a literature review writing service or any other if you have to.

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