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4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Morning Routine When You’re On A Working Vacation

All work and no play is no fun for anyone. It can even be detrimental to your health. Finding balance is key, especially if you’re on a working vacation.

Outdoorsy has you covered with tips on how to create the perfect office on wheels, but there’s a lot more that goes into making sure your working vacation is a success. If you want to soak up all the relaxing opportunities your vacation has to offer and get your work done at the same time, you have to get into a morning routine.

That’s not always easy, especially if you’re on vacation and you’d rather sleep in. However, you don’t want to miss out on an amazing afternoon or evening opportunity because you put off work.

Here are four tips for making sure you get the most out of your morning routine so you can enjoy plenty of time away from the computer.

Know Exactly What Needs to Get Done the Night Before

Plan out the next morning the day before. By planning out exactly what you need to do, you can figure out exactly how long it will take.

If you discover that work the next day is going to take longer than you thought, you can plan to get up a bit earlier. If you don’t have a lot to do, you can sleep in a little, or get done even earlier and plan a fun brunch. You’ll stress less knowing exactly what needs to be done and planning plenty of time to get it finished.

Get Some Exercise

You may be tempted to get up and get started first thing in the morning, but you should consider a bit of exercise first. It can actually increase your productivity.

Exercise can sharpen your mind and provide you with more energy throughout the day, which is important if you’re getting up at 6:00am to get started on work.

Get the Toughest Tasks Done First

No one wants to get up and start on the toughest tasks first, but it will enable you to enjoy more of your vacation. You won’t spend the morning putting it off, and you won’t spend the rest of the day thinking about how you should have done that one thing today instead of leaving it till tomorrow.

Be Smart About Email

Don’t let email rule your life when you’re on vacation. When it comes to email:

  • Don’t check your email first thing. Get your work done first.
  • Check your email once or twice a day at the same times.
  • Deal with emails as they come up. Reading them, saving them till later, and rereading them before sending a response is a huge time waster.

With a little planning, you can make sure that your entire vacation isn’t swallowed up by work. Take plenty of time away from work tasks and you can ensure your vacation is as relaxing as it’s supposed to be.

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