4 Essential Tips For Becoming A Well-Rounded Man In The Digital Age

It’s difficult to define the Gatsby-era “modern man” in an era dominated by technology and social media, isn’t it?

That said, the concept of being well-rounded is perhaps more important than ever given the wealth of distractions and today’s hustle-and-bustle of lifestyle that keeps us from reaching our day-to-day goals. Whether you’re trying to move forward in your career or simply find personal fulfillment, achieving a lifestyle that both challenges and enriches you requires you to pay special attention to your daily habits.

But what sort of habits are we talking about? Consider the following tips as must-do’s if you’re looking to becoming a more well-rounded person.

Find Your Sense of Style

This tip is two-fold: you can’t do much of anything to better yourself until you feel comfortable in your own skin, right? Meanwhile, defining your own sense of style ensures that you present yourself as a leader rather than a follower.

From taking care of your grooming to letting people know at a glance that you take pride in your appearance, make attempts to be fashion-forward when possible. Whether embracing unconventional men’s hairstyles or dressing up for the sake of it, don’t’ be afraid to experiment with your style and define who you are.

Mind Your Use of Social Media

People consume more information than ever before thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter; however, how much of that information is meaningful versus mindless gossip? It’s important to monitor your social media use to ensure that you’re actually communicating with others versus isolating yourself within a wall of noise.

Taking in interesting articles or insights is totally fair game, though. In short, strive to use social media as a lifestyle to the outside world versus an excuse to never engage in face-to-face conversations.

Expose Yourself to New Ideas

From news to art and beyond, you should always be open to fresh perspectives. After all, you can’t become more well-rounded if you shut your brain off to anything that might be considered unfamiliar.

There are arguably more opportunities than ever to open your mind to new media and ideas even while you’re stuck at your desk. For example, consider…

  • Podcasts related to your passions or career, making an effort to become a lifelong learner
  • Streaming audiobooks or NPR during your day-to-day tasks to keep your mind sharp
  • Listening to a new artist or album or every day via Spotify, allowing you to understand musical trends without solely being stuck with radio fare

Pick a Hands-On Hobby

Sometimes it pays to step away from the screen, both for the sake of your mental health and personal fulfillment. Working with your hands not only provides an excuse to break away from the digital world, but also keep your body in proper shape.

There is no “right” hobby for the well-rounded man: anything that feels like a productive use of your time is a good starting point. Whether it means hitting the gym or practicing an instrument, finding the time to work with your hands has major benefits both mental and physical.

Becoming a more well-rounded person means paying attention to your habits and hobbies, essentially working to constantly become better day by day. In short, prioritizing these tips can do wonders for your well-being and achieving that ever-so-important sense of personal fulfillment.

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